Sunday, July 31, 2011

Traveling on Sunday

We are on our way home from Kentucky with only the little one on the backseat. The oldest one begged to stay one more day. I guess that means this was a successful family reunion not one of those weird ones where you get introduced to to your mother's cousin's uncle's daughter by marriage.

We had a wonderful time visiting with my family, playing games and eating delicious food! Molly won first place in the family talent show and tied for first in a rod and reel casting contest. Molly and I came in second playing in a cornhole tournament. The hubby and Molly got in some kayaking and a rousing game of kickball that left hubby with some grass stains and scratches. A good time was had by all!

Like I said we are headed home. I love travelling on Sundays across multiple states and through large cities! Lots of different coupons!

Has anyone tried shopping at Walgreens today? I hear there are some changes but have yet to confirm the details.

I'll be back tomorrow bright and early!
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coupons and Coffee

Mornin! This will be the last Coupons and Coffee for this week because we are leaving bright and EARLY tomorrow morning to head to Kentucky for my family reunion. But before we can go I have a coupon class to teach in Biloxi this morning, a meeting this afternoon, a house to clean, a car to pack and get the oil changed in! Anybody, want to come help?

Today also happens to be my 9th wedding anniversary with "The hubby" as ya'll know him. That's us below with our girls at Allyson's Baby Dedication at church. Happy Anniversary E!!!

Allyson, Reagan, Eric and Molly

Here is today's round up! Thanks to Hip2Save, Money Saving Mom, Jessica's Coupons, 

BOGO Sun Drop Soda
$.50/1 Wisp
$.75/1 Colgate 360 toothbrush
$.75/1 Colgate Kids toothbrush
$.50/1 Speedstick
$.50/1 Irish Spring Bodywash
$.50/1 Murphy Oil Soap
$1/1 Tresemme
$1/1 Degree Motion Sense- scroll to the bottom of the page!
Dole Fruit Bowl/Fruit Jar coupons
$2/$3 Post It product
$1 off Bear Naked Granola wyb Bear Naked Nut Cluster Crunch Cereal

Kind bar- accepting the August Kinding Mission
Christmas Planning Ideas Book
Ocean Preschool Printables pack

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: No Cook Eggless Ice Cream

Nothing says summer like the sound of a churning ice cream machine filled with the delicious goodness of homemade ice cream! My family for several generations has made the uncooked version that means having raw eggs in the ice cream. Just one problem, as good as it tastes it completely grosses me out to find a piece of egg in my ice cream. 

No worries, help is on the way! Like I said it just grosses me out to have raw egg in the mix and I'm not about to feed that to my children so I went on the hunt for an eggless ice cream mix. After many searches and failed attempts I got the recipe below. Don't ask where it came from, because I do not remember. All I know is no eggs were harmed in the making of this ice cream!

No Cook Eggless Homemade Ice Cream 
Makes 1 quart

1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk
1 (5 oz.) can evaporated milk
2 T. sugar
2 tsp. vanilla
2 c. whole milk

Mix it all together and pour it into your ice cream mixer. Layer ice and rock salt then crank it 
up. Delicious! You could add other ingredients to change the flavor such as crushed oreos, butterfinger or chocolate syrup.

Want to get the kids involved? Pour 1/2 c. of the mix into a quart size ziploc bag and seal up tight. Fill a gallon size bag about half full with ice and add salt (table salt will work but you have to use a lot).  Put the smaller bag inside the gallon bag and shake with all your might for 5-7 minutes or until ice cream is firm. **I made this with my 8 year old a few weeks ago and she had a blast! I would suggest wrapping a towel around the bags because they are VERY cold!

Coupons and Coffee

Mornin! I have muffins in the oven and some fresh fruit cut up for the family for breakfast. Baking LOTS of mini muffins(8 dozen!) to take with us for our trip. In a few hours I have a class to teach at The Y here in Ocean Springs. Then the rest of the day should be pretty quiet. I hope to go ahead and get started on some packing for our trip to Kentucky.

Keep an eye on the Sun Herald. An article will be in the paper about the recent newspaper theft problem. I don't know what day it will be in the paper, but I'm thinking today or tomorrow since she said she was on a deadline.

Here's this week's school supply deal list from Deal Seeking Mom! And here is a $5/$25 Staples coupons!

Finally here is today's round up! Thanks to Hip2Save, Money Saving Mom, Jessica's CouponsDeal Seeking Mom, The Frugal Girls and For The Mommas!

$1/2 Thai Kitchen Products- This is the House Party I'll be hosting in August! Let me know if you want to come!
LOTS of L'Oreal coupons
Free Signature Collection Bath & Body Works product (up to $12.50) wyb $10 or more
BOGO Alpo dog food

John Frieda Frizz Eaze
L'Oreal Eversleek Intense sample
Free Big Chicken Sandwich @ Checkers through August 1st
Garnier Fructis Dandruff shampoo/conditioner sample
Circle of Friends Cookbook - 25 Dip & Spread Recipes-Kindle
Natural Nibbles Dog Treats
Shout Wipes Sample
Crazy Love by Francis Chan
Pirate Preschool printables
Pearlescence Flora Reeds diffusers
Poise Hourglass sample

Monday, July 25, 2011

Menu Monday

This week's menu is pretty short and sweet since we will be out of town for most of the week.

Breakfast- poptarts(a VERY rare treat!) and fruit
Lunch- grilled cheese, strawberries & peaches
Dinner- hamburger steaks, roasted potatoes, veggies


Lunch- pb&j, chips
Dinner- Creole Daube (frozen leftovers from last time), salad

Breakfast-toast & fruit
Lunch- leftovers
Dinner- Pizza

Breakfast- eat out
Lunch- eat out
Dinner- at my Great Aunt Esther's 

Breakfast-muffins and fruit
Lunch- pb&j, pretzels
Dinner-Bean cookoff @ my family reunion (Grandaddy vs Cousin Gerald)

Breakfast- cereal
Lunch- picnic @ park
Dinner- catered dinner @ reunion

Breakfast- cereal or muffins
Lunch- BBQ ribs w/ E's rib rub and all kinds of sides
Dinner- eat out we will be driving home!

By Birth or Adoption, They are All a Gift from God

The Polk Family
You can read their Adoption Adventure at A radical walk, A righteous love

This is my friend Amber Polk and her family, husband Dustin and daughters Carsyn and Sara Kate.  Hopefully soon (with your help) it will be multiplied! Amber and I grew up together but were never really good friends until adulthood when we reconnected at Mosaic church. We bonded over our struggles with infertility and watching our girls grow. It's been a wild ride for both of us so far! 

You see Amber and her husband Dustin are fulfilling God's calling in their lives to adopt! What started out with a discussion 5 years ago about possibly adopting, became we are adopting a little boy and need to raise $45,000! That's a tall order, but achievable. They were leaving EVERYTHING in God's hands for the way this would go, no matter the outcome. While preparing for a yard sale fundraiser to kick off raising that $45,000 Amber and Dustin received a call from their adoption agency with urgent news! Would they be willing to switch to adopting from Russia, not just one little boy as they had planned but TWIN boys! 

With this news on their minds they set out the next morning with their yard sale. Apprehensive of the outcome, expecting to raise maybe $500 or so they felt like this would be a good start to raising the funds needed (now $80,000 to bring both boys home). Running low on supplies Amber ran to the store but before she left Dustin told her they had raised $1200 at that point! On the drive to the store Amber felt God speak to her "I doubled your goal because I doubled your adoption."

Have chill bumps yet about God's awesomeness? Want to help support Amber and Dustin? 

There are several ways to help:

1. They are selling Southern Belle t-shirts(see design below) for $20 for adults and $15 for kids. The shirts are teal blue with yellow and pink accents with black writing. To order a t-shirt send an email to

2. You can participate in their Iron Bowl Adoption from now until the Iron Bowl! The Polks are die hard Mississippi State fans (yuck! SMTTT!) who recently moved to Pelham,AL. So they are auctioning off their allegiance to either the Alabama Crimson Tide or the Auburn Tigers to raise funds. Totals right now are the Tide: $507 Auburn:$436

3. Contact me for more information if you would like to make a donation in another form.

Amber and Dustin, I am amazed daily at how you are following God's will!  

Want to keep up with the Polks and their Adoption Adventure? Follow them at A radical walk, A righteous love. There is also a link available on the right hand side of HOC: Polk A Tots Adoption Fundraiser.

Coupons and Coffee

Mornin! I started the day with the smallest one waking up at 6 am and running into my room bright eyed and bushy tailed with a book hollering "read it mommy, read it!" Then at 7 am the oldest wakes up with a really nasty nose bleed. Yep it's Monday!

And just a head's up if you have a Kmart close by they are doubling coupons up to 99 cents through July 30th!! The Kmart on Pass Road is participating according to the sales flyer! For more details go here.

Here is today's round up! Thanks Hip2Save, Money Saving Mom, Jessica's Coupons and Freebies4Mom

Gulf Coast Price Busters- works like Groupon but it's for MS Gulf Coast Establishments
LOTS of New coupons @ (use 78660 to print several TARGET store coupons!)
$1/2 Kraft with a Touch of Philly cheese
$1/1 Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Bread- reset!
New Target coupons @
$.75/1 Ritz Crackerfuls

Free Appetizer or Free Dessert @ Chili's TODAY!
Homeschool Planners
Alphabet Tracing Pages

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today's CVS Shopping Trip and church

So I typically do not go shopping before church, but we were actually EARLY today (mark it down it doesn't happen often!) so I had Eric stop at CVS before we parked to go in because I wanted to grab some of the Schick razors that were on sale (Spend $20 get $10 ECB deal). Ran in really fast, spoke to one of my couponing students who was there shopping, handed her a few coupons I wasn't going to use and grabbed my razors! 

Transaction #1:
2- Schick Quattro Razors for women $10.99
-(2) FREE Schick Razor (up to $10.99) from where I emailed the company and Voiced My Opinion
OOP: $0 + tax ($1.54)
Got back: 
$10 Schick ECB wy spend $20

I hopped back in the car and headed to church, which thankfully is in the same parking lot! I enjoyed a great time of worship and a wonderful message on Doctrine and what Christians should believe. The most important thing: Everything is about God!

Stole this picture from my friend Pamela. That's not a rock concert! It's Mosaic Worship!

Ran back home after church, dropped off the kids and the hubby then drove back to CVS. Have I mentioned how much I love living in Ocean Springs? Everything is so convenient! Thank goodness I just live right around the corner from CVS!

I grabbed my binder with no idea of what I was getting except contact solution and pens (which is TOTALLY uncharacteristic since ya'll know I say plan, plan, plan!) and headed in. Ran into another couponing student, Kim. I beat her to the last bottle of contact solution! Sorry Kim! Here are the next two transactions that I did. My goal was milk, sugar, snacks for our trip later this week to Kentucky for a family reunion and supplies for an ice cream activity while at the reunion.

Transaction #2: 
1- Crest Pro Health mouthwash $2.99
1-Renu Sensitive contact solution $7.89
1- Paper Mate Grip pens 8 ct. $1.99
(There were coupons available on all of these but I had none)
-$10 Schick ECB from transaction #1
OOP: $2.87 + tax($.90)
Got back :
$1.99 Paper Mate ECB
$2 Crest ECB
$1 Green Bag Tag ECB (it was my 4th scan)

Transaction #3: 
1- Milk $3.99
1- Domino Sugar 4 lb. $4.19
-$.50/1  RP 5/22 
2- Nutter Butter cookies $1.25 ea.
-$1/1 Nabisco cookie or cracker (3 oz or larger) SS 6/19
2-Cheez It $1.25 ea.
2- Emerald Cashew Snacks $1 ea.
1- Kellogg's Pop Tarts 8 ct. $1.79
-$.25/1 Kellogg's Pop Tarts 8 ct. or larger peelie
1- Kellogg's Rice Krispy Treats $1.79
1- Gold Emblem marshmallows $.99
1-Nestle 24 pack water $3.74 (not pictured)
2- Joy Ice Cream Cones $1 each
- (2) $.55/1 printable (check your binders)
-25% off CVS emailed coupon (good on all items NOT on sale)
-$4/$20 grocery purchase from magic coupon machine
-$1 Green bag tag ECB
-$2 Crest ECB
-$1.99 Paper Mate ECB
OOP: $4.93 + tax (1.52)
Got back:
$1 ECB wyb 4 cookies/snacks (see ad for details)

Trip Totals:

Total Before Coupons: $60.07
Total OOP: $11.76

Savings of 60%!

Another Week of Deals: Drug Stores,Target and Kroger

Here are the deals for this week from the drug stores, Target and Kroger! As always, I've listed the best deals I see, but you can click on the name of the store to see a full ad match up.

CVS- Thanks Hip2Save!
Spend $20 on any Playtex and Schick Products  get $10 Ecb (limit 1)
$.75/1 shave gel
$1.50/1 Skintimate Shave Cream (if included)
$3/1 Schick razor
There were coupons in the 6/26 SS but our area did not receive them.
U by Kotex liners 40-60 ct, pads 14-18 ct, tampons 18 ct $3.49 = $2 Ecb (limit 1)
-$1/1 coupons 7/24 SS 
$1/1 printable here

Rite Aid-Thanks Hip2Save!
Clean & Clear Skin Care Save $2/1 with in-ad coupon-$2/1 coupon found here
-$2/1 in-ad couponXtra Laundry Detergent 68.75 oz. $1.98

No coupons in our area, but a great price if you need to wash your clothes!

Walgreens-Thanks Wild For Wags!
DenTek Comfort Clean Flosser 50 pk $2.99 Get $2 RR
-$1/1 DenTek Floss Picks, Any $2+ 

Irish Spring AP/Deo 2.7 – 3oz; Body Wash 15 or 18oz 2/$6 get $4 RR wyb 2
-.50/1 Irish Spring Body Wash (excl 2.5oz) -7-24-11 SS x8/13
-$1/1 Irish Spring Deodorant – 07-24-11 SS x8/13

Target- Thanks Totally Target!
I'm not seeing anything here that screams "BUY ME!"

Kroger- Thanks I Heart Kroger!
FREE MILK for some wyb 4 General Mills products!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

4 Steps to REALLY saving money!

One of the question that I get asked the most is "How can I say money?" My answer, believe it or not, is not "Use Coupons." My answer is get a budget, then we'll talk coupons. Here are four easy steps to get you started.

4 Steps to REALLY saving money:
  1. Budget:A budget helps keep you responsible for your spending and leads to less frivolous purchases. Don't have a budget? Look at what you normally spend each pay period and that is the budget you should start with. Re-evaluate your budget every 2 months and make adjustments as necessary.
  2. Shop at Home: Shop from your pantry, freezer and stockpile first
  3. Needs vs. Wants: Have a NEEDS List and a WANTS List. The NEEDS are your priority even if there is no sale or coupons. These are the things you must have for your family to make it this week! DO NOT start stockpiling until you've met your NEEDS each week!
  4. Stockpile: After you've met your NEEDS it's time to stockpile! Use your remaining budget to stockpile products your family uses the most. Remember that brand loyalty is out the window! Your goal is to save money!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Coupons and Coffee

Mornin! These allergies are killing me in the mornings! **sniff sniff**achoo!** But breakfast, a cup of joe, some allergy meds and some blogging should have me feeling right again!

Here is today's round up! Didn't find much that was new. Thanks to Hip2Save, Couponing to Disney and Money Saving Mom!

$1/1 Alexia Product
$2/1 Nylabone- FREE at Petsmart!
$1/1 Revlon Tool

Suave Sample- Facebook in Spanish

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Back to School Shopping

Usually Thrifty Thursday is dedicated to the reuse of products, but today it's dedicated to back to school shopping and being thrifty by saving money!

I feel for those of you who have to go out and fight the crowds, try on clothes or find uniforms and find those last few items missing from the ridiculous school supply list. I'm so grateful I don't have to do that anymore! (Just another reason I LOVE homeschooling! Sorry had to throw that out there!)

Plan of Attack:

  1. List of needed items. It helps you stay on track and not purchase too much.
  2. Compare prices. Yes it takes time, but it could save you big bucks!
  3. Shop the sales.
  4. Use coupons!!!!!
  5. Shop on a Tax Free Weekend:

    • Mississippi- July 29-30
      • Shoes and Clothing items under $100
      • Not included: accessories like handbags, backpacks, jewelry, luggage, umbrellas, foot wear that are not "daily wearable shoes" (i.e. swim shoes, slippers, skates, etc.)
    • Alabama- August 5-7 (check here to make sure your area is participating)
      • Clothing under 4100
      • School supplies under $50
      • Books under $30
      • Computer/computer equipment under $750
    • Louisiana August 5-6
      • Purchases under $2,500
      • Excludes the purchase of taxable services, automobiles, meals
    • Florida August 12-14
      • Books, clothing, footwear under $75
      • School supplies under $15
Head over here to the Deal Seeking Mom's list of Back to School Deals and Specials for each store. Regularly updated!

Coupons and Coffee

Mornin! One cup of coffee already down along with a very yummy cinnamon muffin. Not a whole lot on the agenda today, having the hubby's car detailed to sell it and Mother's Night Out for me (with all my homeschool mommas)! That's right we are about to be a one car family for a while. There are pros and cons of course. We're are helping out my Mom by selling her the hubby's car, one less bill for us to pay, it well help pay my car off MUCH sooner which means a minivan for me!!!! That's a big enough pro for me! Who cares about the cons!

Had a great class of folks last night for the library class. Thanks to those who came! Hope ya'll learned something new and how to save some money!

Also, Hip2Save did a Commissary Deal Match Up. I assume prices are the same here. If any of you are Commissary shoppers let me know. Also go here to sign up for a $25 P&G coupon booklet (military only).

Here is today's round up! Thanks to Hip2Save, Money Saving Mom, Jessica's Coupons, and Deal Seeking Mom!

$1/3 Kellogg's Pop Tarts or Minis
$1.50/3 Tombstone Pizzas
$1/2 Skippy Peanut Butter
$1/1 Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
$1/1 Chiquita Bites-Facebook
$1/1 Goldfish Sandwich bread-too cute!
$3/10 SmartOnes- for women 21 and older who eat SmartOnes at least once a month
$3/5 SmartOnes- Facebook
BOGO McDonald's Frozen Drink
$5/2 Outback Entrees
$1/1 Honest Tea- Facebook

Poise Samples
Huggies Snug & Dry Samples- new link
Prilosec Sample
Walmart Portrait Collage
$25 Gift Card to The Canvas People

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Week of Deals: Grocery Stores

Here are the ad match ups for this week. Remember I only list the best deals I see. There are MANY out there so go check it out for yourself by clicking on the stores name.

Aunt Jemima Frozen Pancakes $2
- $1/1 printable here (watch video to print)
Crest $1.88
-$1/2 P&G 7/3/11
Lay's Kettle Chips $2.88
-$2 on Beef wyb 2

Winn Dixie- Thanks Winn Dixie on a Dime!
Lysol Disinfecting Wipes 35 ct, BOGO $2.99
-$1/2 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Rolling 
-$1/2 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Rolling 
-Eligible for Lysol Wipes MIR wyb 3

Scotch-Brite Sponges, 1 ct, 10/$10
-$0.75/2 Scotch-Brite Sponges, Scour Pads or Dishwands 7/10/2011 SS Insert

Publix- Thanks I Heart Publix!
Too many to list!

Hattiesburg Area Shopping

By request! Here is the info on some of the Hattiesburg Area grocery stores and a small ad match up.

Corner Market
Coupon Policy
  • Double coupons every day up to $.60
  • Accept all internet printed coupons, except internet printed coupons for free products
Save Rite
Coupon Policy- I could not locate a printed version, so I called the store. Here is what they said:
  • No doubling.
  • Face value only
  • Cannot be expired
  • Internet printables accepted
Coupon Policy- Could not locate a printable version, so I called the store. Here is what they said:
  • No doubling.
  • Face value only
  • Cannot be expired
  • Internet printables accepted
  • Ramey's Discount Card- Card not needed to get sell prices, but you can earn points to get discounts on other products.

Coupons and Coffee

Mornin! Coffee is sounding really good this morning. I woke to my allergies being flared up...ugh. So the coffee is brewing and Dora is on to entertain the little one. We are getting ready to head out to an orthodontist appointment first thing this morning. Pray for our bank account!

**I posted it on Facebook, but I'll say it again here. As far as the missing inserts are concerned the only response I am getting is "seems we just don't get enough to fill every paper". Not that that responses helps in any way!

Here is today's round up of coupons. Thanks to For the Mommas, Money Saving Mom, Jessica's Coupons, and Freebies4Mom!

$.70/1 Special K Granola
$.50/1 Nestle Morsels- Facebook
$.55/1 Gerber Pasta Pick Ups- reset!
$1/1 Gerber Lil' Entrees- reset!
$1/2 Gerber Yogurt Melts or Fruit & Veggie Melts- reset!
$1/2 Gerber Lil Munchies
$.75/1 Dole Salad (Winn Dixie Only)
$1.50/1 Skintimate Shave Cream (only worked in IE for me)
$.75/1 Skintimate Shave Gel
$1/1 Post Shredded Wheat
$1/1 Woolite Dry Cleaners Secret

Woolite Dry Cleaners Secret sample

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Christmas in July! Another SaveMore Deal!

SaveMore Daily Deals
There is a great Christmas in July deal available over at right now on an 11x14 canvas for $28 from the Canvas People. Even better there is FREE shipping!

**The current deal running for Canvas people is 25% off and free shipping. So the Savemore deal is the route to go!**

And the deal gets sweeter! Down at the bottom of the page, it says with every $19.95 purchase you can get a one year subscription to Disney's Family Fun magazine FREE or submit for a refund of the value instead ($10).  

That brings your cost after the refund to $18!!!!!

Here is what I'm ordering!