Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Back to School Shopping

Usually Thrifty Thursday is dedicated to the reuse of products, but today it's dedicated to back to school shopping and being thrifty by saving money!

I feel for those of you who have to go out and fight the crowds, try on clothes or find uniforms and find those last few items missing from the ridiculous school supply list. I'm so grateful I don't have to do that anymore! (Just another reason I LOVE homeschooling! Sorry had to throw that out there!)

Plan of Attack:

  1. List of needed items. It helps you stay on track and not purchase too much.
  2. Compare prices. Yes it takes time, but it could save you big bucks!
  3. Shop the sales.
  4. Use coupons!!!!!
  5. Shop on a Tax Free Weekend:

    • Mississippi- July 29-30
      • Shoes and Clothing items under $100
      • Not included: accessories like handbags, backpacks, jewelry, luggage, umbrellas, foot wear that are not "daily wearable shoes" (i.e. swim shoes, slippers, skates, etc.)
    • Alabama- August 5-7 (check here to make sure your area is participating)
      • Clothing under 4100
      • School supplies under $50
      • Books under $30
      • Computer/computer equipment under $750
    • Louisiana August 5-6
      • Purchases under $2,500
      • Excludes the purchase of taxable services, automobiles, meals
    • Florida August 12-14
      • Books, clothing, footwear under $75
      • School supplies under $15
Head over here to the Deal Seeking Mom's list of Back to School Deals and Specials for each store. Regularly updated!