Monday, July 25, 2011

By Birth or Adoption, They are All a Gift from God

The Polk Family
You can read their Adoption Adventure at A radical walk, A righteous love

This is my friend Amber Polk and her family, husband Dustin and daughters Carsyn and Sara Kate.  Hopefully soon (with your help) it will be multiplied! Amber and I grew up together but were never really good friends until adulthood when we reconnected at Mosaic church. We bonded over our struggles with infertility and watching our girls grow. It's been a wild ride for both of us so far! 

You see Amber and her husband Dustin are fulfilling God's calling in their lives to adopt! What started out with a discussion 5 years ago about possibly adopting, became we are adopting a little boy and need to raise $45,000! That's a tall order, but achievable. They were leaving EVERYTHING in God's hands for the way this would go, no matter the outcome. While preparing for a yard sale fundraiser to kick off raising that $45,000 Amber and Dustin received a call from their adoption agency with urgent news! Would they be willing to switch to adopting from Russia, not just one little boy as they had planned but TWIN boys! 

With this news on their minds they set out the next morning with their yard sale. Apprehensive of the outcome, expecting to raise maybe $500 or so they felt like this would be a good start to raising the funds needed (now $80,000 to bring both boys home). Running low on supplies Amber ran to the store but before she left Dustin told her they had raised $1200 at that point! On the drive to the store Amber felt God speak to her "I doubled your goal because I doubled your adoption."

Have chill bumps yet about God's awesomeness? Want to help support Amber and Dustin? 

There are several ways to help:

1. They are selling Southern Belle t-shirts(see design below) for $20 for adults and $15 for kids. The shirts are teal blue with yellow and pink accents with black writing. To order a t-shirt send an email to

2. You can participate in their Iron Bowl Adoption from now until the Iron Bowl! The Polks are die hard Mississippi State fans (yuck! SMTTT!) who recently moved to Pelham,AL. So they are auctioning off their allegiance to either the Alabama Crimson Tide or the Auburn Tigers to raise funds. Totals right now are the Tide: $507 Auburn:$436

3. Contact me for more information if you would like to make a donation in another form.

Amber and Dustin, I am amazed daily at how you are following God's will!  

Want to keep up with the Polks and their Adoption Adventure? Follow them at A radical walk, A righteous love. There is also a link available on the right hand side of HOC: Polk A Tots Adoption Fundraiser.

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