Sunday, July 31, 2011

Traveling on Sunday

We are on our way home from Kentucky with only the little one on the backseat. The oldest one begged to stay one more day. I guess that means this was a successful family reunion not one of those weird ones where you get introduced to to your mother's cousin's uncle's daughter by marriage.

We had a wonderful time visiting with my family, playing games and eating delicious food! Molly won first place in the family talent show and tied for first in a rod and reel casting contest. Molly and I came in second playing in a cornhole tournament. The hubby and Molly got in some kayaking and a rousing game of kickball that left hubby with some grass stains and scratches. A good time was had by all!

Like I said we are headed home. I love travelling on Sundays across multiple states and through large cities! Lots of different coupons!

Has anyone tried shopping at Walgreens today? I hear there are some changes but have yet to confirm the details.

I'll be back tomorrow bright and early!
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