Monday, September 6, 2010

My 25 Favorite Frugal Blogs

I'm a list maker. I love a good list! I've passed my love of making lists to my oldest daughter, Molly. She likes to make lists too, but her's usually involve the names of her stuffed animals, what she wants for Christmas(she sent Santa this year's letter in May!) or a list of all her friend's to invite to her birthday next year. My lists are usually about what I'm buying at the store, what I need to get done or recipe ideas for this month's dinner menu.

This time my list will benefit you! I've compiled a list of my 25 favorite frugal blogs that I follow. Some of them you may know of and some may be new. I hope you'll take the time to visit each one. Tell them House of Collums sent you!

My 25 Favorite Frugal Blogs
(in no specific order)

  1. Hip2Save
  2. Money Saving Mom
  3. Faithful Provisions
  4. Freebies4Mom
  5. 1 Saving Momma
  6. Addicted to Saving
  7. The Coupon Goddess
  8. Coupon Saving Game
  9. Couponing to Disney
  10. Couponers United
  11. My Frugal Adventures
  12. Easternshore Mom
  13. My Money Mission Online
  14. My Baton Rouge Mommy
  15. Who said nothing in life is Free
  16. Penny Pinchin Mom
  17. Krazy Coupon Lady
  18. Faithfully Frugal & Free
  19. Crystal the Coupon Momma
  20. Passion for Savings
  21. Christian Clippers
  22. Jane4Girls
  23. Save Money You Cheapskate- This one is just for fun! 
  24. Deal Seeking Mom
  25. Southern Savers


  1. Oh WOW!! I am so honored! Thanks a bunch for listing my blog...that is awesome! I am going to visit all of the other blogs today....What Fun!!!

  2. Oh I did not make the list... plaese stop by anyway!

  3. Denise I've never been to your site before. But I have now! Don't worry there will be another list!

  4. Denise, you'll love her site! I visit her almost daily, although I don't always leave a comment! :)

  5. Thank you for the mention! So happy to be included! :)

  6. Thanks Melanie! You know I love the Coupon Goddess!