Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Coupons and Coffee 9/14

Morning couponistas!! Lots of freebies today!

Colgate Smile Club- email up to $8 in coupons!
Touch of Gray rebate- something for the hubbies!
John Frieda Samples-says for females 18-49...time to start aging backwards ladies to get this freebie! :) What's that? It's the 3 anniversary of your 49th birthday?
Chili's Email club-coupon for free chips and queso
True Lemon sample
Lanacane Anti-Chafing gel
Gas-x thin strips sample
Gas-x prevention sample
Sun Crystals- sugar substitute
Oxy face cleanser
Herbal Essence sample
Nature's Made Vitamin D 1000
Hugo Boss sample
Quaker Life Soft Baked Nutrition Bar
Free Kotex samples
FREE 3 issues Seventeen magazine
BOGO Butterfiner Snackerz
BOGO Athenos Feta cheese
$1/1 Barbara's Cereal-all natural
Kids Underjams sample
Kandoo Wipes- $1/1 makes the travel pack at Target .79!
Dreft $2/1
Olay Facial Mouisturizer
$1.50 Pillsbury Sweet Moments
BOGO Tornados
Budding Lunch Club-coupons and other freebies
Que Rica Vida-in Spanish coupons from General Mills. I signed up for this last time and it came with several samples and some really good coupons!
EmergenC samples
Tena pads samples
Mrs. T's Pierogies coupon-not sure of value because I have not printed yet.
Brita coupons-again don't know value because I have not printed.

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