Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dollar General BOOOOO!!!

So here I thought I was going to be able to post how I got this awesome deal on Huggies diapers from Dollar General today, but that was not to be and I'm disappointed. Rarely, do we get this low on diapers. Fortunately I have a few back ups of some store brand diapers(that I don't care for) that were given to us in various sizes before Allyson was born.

I shop at The DG (Dollar General) occasionally because there are good deals to grab there sometimes. I ran in yesterday to grab something and noticed that in this months coupon flyer there is a coupon for $1.50 off Huggies/Pull Ups. I thought WOW! That will go awesome with my manufacturer coupon at home (you can stack coupons at The DG read here)! That would make it $4 off one pack of Huggies!! YES!

So today as I packed our last two Huggies into the diaper bag, I grab my coupons and head out the door. Going to get some cheap diapers! I'm grinning all the way to the store! I get Allyson out of the car, grab my bag and coupons and walk in all smiles. I get to the baby section reach for the diapers.....WHAM.....wait a minute this "Jumbo" pack has less diapers than the Jumbo pack I buy at Rite Aid/Target/Walmart etc. .................AND wait a minute $10.99!!! Regular price is $9.99 at Target. So I stand there doing the math. Is paying a dollar more worth it? Nope. Less diapers, higher price and using both coupons on brings it down to the price I can usually get them on sale with no coupons.

Needless to say, but I will, I was disappointed. Dollar General is suppose to be the cheaper place to go. Yeah sometimes cheaper also means smaller package, but I would have sacrificed  a diaper or two to save an extra $1/.50, but apparently DG doesn't want to make that sale.

On a good note though as I checked out with my cheap cat food I told the two ladies at the register how disappointed I was and ended up telling them about this blog and handing them my card. That makes the trip worth it!

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  1. I never knew their policy so I was very happy to read it here!

    Thank you honey!

    Thank you for having the giveaway too!

    Love to you and yours,
    Grandma Patty Ann