Monday, September 6, 2010

The King's Mistress Book review and giveaway!

Have you heard about Read It Forward? Read It Forward is a program offered by Crown Publishing as a means to distribute and get the word out about new books and authors. I have been a member of the Read It Forward program for about 6 months and finally won one of these book giveaways! I was so excited! For FREE (because you know that's what I'm all about!) I was sent a copy of  The King's Mistress by Emma Campion. Read below for the review and giveaway!

You all know I am an avid reader with varied interests , which is evidenced by the book list on the main page of this blog. But I am an absolute nut for historical fiction! The King's Mistress fit that bill perfectly! Emma Campion wound a lovely, thought evoking tale of one of King Edward's mistresses, Alice Perrers. Given the subject matter and the history this book could have gone a completely different direction, but Ms. Campion brought out the human side of Alice Perrers that many during that time and ours might not want to be considered. After all this woman was a mistress to a king, which most people find morally objectionable. But there is always two sides to every story.

The King's Mistress is told with the idea that Alice had no choice in any of the events that brought her to be the mistress of King Edward, but was instead a pawn bound by past secrets and new ones being created in front of her very eyes. I kept teetering back and forth on a fence of feeling pity and pride for this woman. She endured terrible circumstances that would make some of the strongest people crumble, yet she carried on. She was forced by unseen hands into circumstances beyond her control or ability to escape. She was the underdog, trying to escape and be free to live the life she wanted free from ridicule, fear and condemnation.

I recommend this book for anyone who is an avid reader and enjoys history. Ms. Campion knows her stuff!

The only thing that Crown Publishing/Read It Forward programs asks in return for these free books is to pass it on when I'm done! So here you go! A book giveaway! Enter your information below to be entered into the drawing. You MUST be a follower of the Blog (not facebook) to win. You can register for the blog here or on the right hand side of this page. Giveaway ends on Sept. 10th!

Good luck!


  1. Hi honey!! I found this giveaway on Facebook. I signed up to follow you. I am a reader! I have 3 books going right now. LOL!! That is really nice of you to pass it forward! Love, Grandma Patty Ann

  2. Patty you always have the sweetest things to say! Before I had kids I could read two or three books at a time, but no longer. I do good to keep up with the book I'm in! My problem right now is that I'm going back and forth between two different series, so keeping those details straight in my head is crazy! Thanks for entering the giveaway!