Saturday, August 27, 2011

How Much Did I Save Today? CVS, Winn Dixie and Rouses

It's rare that I do not have a coupon class to teach on a Saturday. This week it just so happened we had a Marriage Conference at church all weekend. I took advantage of this rare day off to do some of my shopping. I had my 2 yr. old in tow and she was GREAT! Saying hello to everyone that passed by. I think I spent more time talking to strangers commenting on how cute she was, than I spent looking for deals.

First stop, CVS. Usually the next week's sale is in the computer on Saturday afternoons but apparently they were running behind or lying to keep from selling stuff today. No big deal, I go to church in the same parking lot so I'll just swing in tomorrow morning.

We are starting intense potty training next week and I think I'll need bribes, so the Skittles are for Allyson and the Starbursts are going into care packages that the kids in our church home group will be putting together tomorrow.

2-Dole Fruit Bowls $1.67 ea.
-$1/2 (not sure where I got it!)
1-Starburst and Skittles $3 ea
-(2)$1/1 Skittles, Starburst or Life Savers
-BOGO CVS coupon from coupon machine
Total OOP: $2.05

Now on to Winn Dixie. Remember to hand over your coupons first BEFORE your rewards card. I ran into a great deal on organic chicken andouille sausage and couldn't pass it up! We've had it before and thought it was pretty good, plus andouille was on my list! The WD coupons listed were on the products I bought today.

1-WD Pina Colada Creme Cake $5.99
-$3/1 WD coupon
1-Dole Salad kit $2.50
-$1.25/1 Dole Salad kit tear pad
2-Hormel Naturals lunch meat $3.99 BOGO
-$.50/1 peelie
2-Armour Meatballs $9.98 *Meal Deal*
+FREE Cole's Garlic Bread
+FREE Prego pasta sauce
+FREE Ronzoni Spaghetti
1- Turkey Bacon $2.50
4- Prairie Grove Farms chicken andouille sausage $5.99 BOGO
-(4) $2/1 WD coupons
1-Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt $1.25
-FREE coupon from last week on Facebook
2-WD Cream Cheese $1.25
1-WD 18 ct. large eggs $1.99
2-WD long grain rice $2.19 BOGO
2-Welch's Essential Juice $3.29 (not pictured)
-$2/2 hang tag (found today at WD)
Total OOP: $38.29

Last stop, Rouses. They had ground chuck for $1.89 lb and 3lb bags of onions for $1.99. Both really good prices, plus a few others deals I wanted to take advantage of before the end of the sale. We are not coke drinkers (for those outside of the South, we don't drink pop or soda). I always found it funny how down here when some one asks "what do you want to drink?" your response is "a coke" and the follow up question  is "what kind?". My experience living up north was everyone called "cokes" soda or pop. I tend to still use soda from time to time. Anyone, point of the story is, we have our church home group meeting tomorrow and we'll be tailgating next Saturday, so I thought since it was a good deal I'd grab some cokes....errr sprite!

1-Yellow Onions 3 lb. bag $1.99
1-Country Crock $2.50
-$.50/1 printable (no longer available check your binders)
2-Cheez It's $1.99 ea.
*Planned to use $1/2 printable here but, just  word of warning it would not scan nor would the computer take it manually. I WILL be sending an email to snackpicks/sunshine/keebler
2- Sprite 12 pks $3 ea. (not pictured)
-(2)$1.50/1 Sprite wyb one Cheez Its Happy New School Year booklet
2-Torpicana Orange Juice $2.77
-(2)$1/1 printables (no longer available check your binders)
1-Gordo Mild Jalapeno Dip $4.97 (for our church meeting tomorrow night)
2-Pillsbury crescent rolls $2.12
-$.40/2 GM 8/7
1-Thin Pork chops $4.84
2- Ground Chuck $9.30
Total OOP: $40.78

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  1. I'm from the MS coast and I've always called it a drink or a soda. The few times I've said "Coke" and someone asked me "what kind", I've looked at them puzzled and replied "REGULAR COKE". I've never understood the "Coke means something else" thing, but I haven't run into it too much. My Canadian family says pop, which took some getting used to when I visited them. I didn't return home calling it pop, but did find myself saying "eh?" a lot. lol