Monday, August 1, 2011

UPDATE: Walgreens


In the post Traveling on Sunday I eluded to a possible policy change at Walgreens that a reader alerted me about that she experienced on Saturday in Gulfport. Multiply people have been told that you cannot do multiple transactions and pay for them using RR you just received.

I have confirmed with the store managers that there has been NO change to the Walgreens policy at any store along the Gulf Coast. However, they all confirmed there have been a few problems recently with people not understand the Walgreens coupon policy (you can print a copy here). 

So below you will find what you need to know.

Basic Coupon information:
1. Walgreens accepts two coupons on B1G1 sales.
2. Walgreens will adjust the value of the coupon down if it exceeds the price of the item.
3. Walgreens accepts internet printed coupons.
4. You can use (1) Walgreens store coupon(from the booklet at the front of the store), (1) sales circular coupon and (1) Manufacturer Coupon per item. Hand over your manufacturer Q, first!
5. Coupon to product ratio: For every coupon you have per transaction (RR count as a coupon, but store coupons do not) you must have an equal number of products. Sometimes you have to pick up a filler item to meet that requirement. It does not matter what the filler item is.
  • Ex: I have 2 bottles of Pantene and a $3/2 manufacturer coupon, 1 colgate toothpaste and a 50 cent manufacturer coupon and I want to pay for for them all with a RR. No this will not work! 
    • I need another item. Both bottles of Pantene are covered with one coupon so they are technically "one item". So I have "two items " and three coupons. 
    • I would suggest grabbing a pack of gum, or something from the clearance department, etc. to meet the required coupon to product ratio.
Register Reward Information: 
1. Register Rewards will print when you buy qualifying products listed in the sales ad or on display in the store.
2. You cannot use a register reward to stretch out and pay for multiple transactions.(A transaction is defined as paying for your items in separate purchases.)
  • How NOT to use a Register Reward:
    • You have a register reward for $10. You put your stuff on the counter and your total is $5 and you hand them a $10 RR and want to only use $5 for this transaction and another $5 for the next transaction. No this will not work!
    • You want to use a RR from a Gillette razor to buy another Gillette razor and get the advertised RR. No this will not work!
  • How TO use a Register Reward:
    • You have items totally $5 and you have a $5 RR. Yes this will work!
    • You have items totally $5 and you use a $5 RR from Colgate to pay and get a $3 RR from Pantene. Yes this will work!

3. You cannot buy multiples of the same item offering a RR in one transaction. Only one RR will print.
4. You cannot use a RR from the same manufacturer to purchase another of the same item and receive a second RR. You need to split the transactions and buy another brand product to "roll" the rewards.

  • "Rolling" is defined as using one reward to pay for another item.

I hope this helps clear up any trouble you may be experiencing at Walgreens. Happy Shopping!

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