Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Waiting and's harder than you think

Patience is not a virtue God bestowed upon me. Patience is something I have to work on daily hourly with the kids, school, myself and life in general. Work under pressure I can handle that, doing things last minute and getting them done I'm there with bells on! Planning ahead, organization yeah you're talking to the wrong person.  I have grand thoughts and plans which occasionally I put into action (success rate is maybe 10%). I'm ok with my lack of organizational skills, my tendency to forget things (that's why I carry a date book AND make an alarm in my phone!) and my lack of patience. I'm not perfect, I wasn't made to be.

The hubby,E, and I have climbed into the backseat of a new adventure being driven by God. Over the last few months we have both been feeling the call into ministry. Yeah us! Stop laughing! Seriously you can stop laughing now. What area you ask? Well we're are not sure just yet. We've talked with our Pastor and received his support and encouragement. That was completely awesome because E and I both are very insecure about this calling. E is super shy and as I said before I'm completely unorganized! How could this possibly work?!

Then there He goes teaching me a lesson again. Be still, listen, pray and wait. Ack! That is totally not my personality! I'm jump in now, do it now, and ask question(and sometimes forgiveness he he he) later! This scares me to no end! How far out of my comfort zone is God going to put me? There it is again, another lesson He is teaching me...It's not my will, it's His. I'm suppose to go and do what He wants of me, not what I want. At His pace, not mine. 

Patience is the companion of wisdom.- St. Augustine

So God, I'm here. Waiting and listening for your guidance. 


  1. Patience is not my best attribute either, but I have been working on it. I enjoyed this post a bunch and hope that Gold's plan for you unfolds in an exciting way!

  2. If you are going into ministry...better to learn patience NOW rather than later. You will definitely need it in ministry! hee-hee-hee

  3. revjen it's something I continue to work on daily!

  4. Even in ministry, you can step back and take a break when you need to. That is what we did. 8^)

    If you are interested....