Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coupons and Coffee

Mornin! Seriously! If someone knows a way to train kids to sleep in PLEASE I'm begging you TELL ME! It seems like each week it gets earlier and earlier. Today was just a few minutes past 6 am. Two weeks ago it was 6:30 am. That's about the time I like to roll out of bed. I don't like getting up before 5 (stomping foot) to get my stuff's too early!

Ok I'm done with my whining. Thanks Hip2Save, Jessica's Coupons, For the Mommas, The Frugal Girls, and Deal Seeking Mom!

$1/2 Hostess cakes
$1/1 Maxwell House Daily Brew products
$2 off Pork Ribs wyb KC Masterpiece
$1/1 Kraft Cheese with a touch of Philadelphia
$1/1 Listerine Kids or Reach Kids product
$1/1 Colgate Wisp
BOGO Friskies
$1/1 Tums product
15% Walgreens Friends & Family Event good today only!

Truvia sample
Velveteen Rabbit-Kindle download
Waffle House FREE Waffle


  1. Put an alarm clock in their room and set it for 7:00 (or when ever) tell them they are not allowed to come out of thier rooms until the clock goes off. Worked like a charm when mine were young.

  2. That is what my parents used to do for Christmas morning. Our stockings were laid on our pillows, and we could open them, but we had to stay in our bedrooms and play until 7:00 AM.

    I still say, keep them up later at night and run them tired! Hehe.