Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Funnies: The Radio and 1980

Summer has begun. I cleaned out my classroom a week or so ago and Molly wanted to play with my cd/radio. So we plug it up in her room. It was a mistake! Now all we hear from dawn til dusk is one of two songs "Awesome God" or Taylor Swift's "I hate that stupid old pick up truck". Molly comes dashing down the hall singing at the top of her lungs, hair flying through the air in her "rockstar" clothes. She's even recruited the girl next door. They go back there in Molly's room and come out dressed up like a 1980's Barbie Rocker doll! It brings back horrifing memories for me because I know what's coming next! Neon tights, miniskirts and big hair! Must fight the need to crimp my hair and have big bangs! Can't give in....can't give in!



  1. Being an ex rock an roller from the 80's during my long hair days, I can't help but think that big hair, at least on the ladies still looks great!

  2. Quick! Hide the Aqua-Net!!!!!!!!!!!!