Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Funnies: Bathroomitis

This blog originally started out as a way to post everyday happenings with my family, but turned into the coupon blog you see today. But in keeping with what House of Collums originally started as, here is the latest thing out of my daughter's mouth:

My daughter Molly has bathromitis! We go in every bathroom, in every store, every time we go somewhere! We were in Target today when she discovered the feminine hygiene machine and began to read! "T-A-M-P-O-N-S. Mom what's that spell?" I told her it's something adults use and not to worry about it right now. Then I hear, "Hey look! They have napkins in here! And they are only 25 cents! That's why they have that garbage can right there, so after you wipe off your face with that napkin you can throw it away. Hey mom, do we need any napkins?" I wanted to flush myself down the toilet as I listened to the other bathroom patrons giggle in the stalls!

Have a funny story about your kids? Send it to me (thehouseofcollums at gmail dot com) and you could be featured on HOC Friday Funnies.

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  1. Bawwhahahah!!!!! That's funny! I've got 'those' kinds of stories to --- but I'm saving them for a real appropriate highschool graduation or bridal shower or baby shower, lol ;-)