Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Top 10 way to reuse a newspaper

As a couponer there is a never ending supply of newspapers lying around the house. Here are some great tips on way to reuse those newspapers! Some of them tried and true that we have all used at some point in time and others I've never heard about doing! Enjoy!

  1. Fire starter- roll paper into a "log" and use it to help kindle a fire.
  2. Wrap your fruit in a piece of newspaper and let sit overnight to help it ripen.
  3. Put newspaper in wet shoes to help them dry and deodorize overnight.
  4. Use a piece of wadded up newspaper to clean your mirrors and windows. Will not leave streaks!
  5. Line your crisper in the fridge to help absorb moisture and keep strong smelling foods from transferring their smell!
  6. Use the Sunday Comics (or any of the paper) as gift wrap. My oldest daughter loves this!
  7. Shred and use the newspaper as pet pedding(small pets like hamsters, etc.)
  8. Make seedling starter pots for new plants. Roll 3 inch strips of newspaper into a tube: crumble bottom to close, then add soil and seeds.
  9. Make a newspaper hut with the kids
  10. Get really creative and make a newspaper dress!

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