Monday, January 3, 2011

Return of the Weight Loss Challenge!

Back at the end of August I issued a weight loss challenge to my readers. I did a horrible job of keeping my posts on weight loss updated, but I did good with the weight loss! Since I issued the Weight Loss Challenge I have lost 20 pounds!!! Depending on the day that number fluctuates by 2-3 lbs, but never the less I went down 1 (almost 2) pant sizes!!! 

Today my husband Eric and I started Insanity! It's this crazy workout program that uses no equipment other than your own body to help you lose weight and build muscle. Eric has already completed one round of Insanity last year with great results. You can read all about his quest to lose 100 lbs here. He only lacks 3 lbs. to meet the goal!

Today we did the fit test. This gives a starting point to see how far you have come when you complete the series. I did it! I'm exhausted but I did it! The great news is tomorrow it gets harder! Ugh! Did I say great news?!?  Eric asked me this morning after we were done and had recuperated a little if I had a favorite exercise that we did this morning..... Favorite? FAVORITE?? I told him it's hard to have a favorite torture! 

So back on to the weight loss roller coaster. I hope to be successful. I'll keep you updated!

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