Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Target Trip 1/4

Since we were out of town for 5 days our perishable supplies were depleted! So I made a quick trip to Target we'll say to get groceries but it was mostly for my Starbucks fix :)

Came across some great deals in the Christmas Clearance. Everything is now 90% off and there was still a good bit left.

Here's the break down:

4- Special K price cut $2.50 for Original and $3.50 for Vanilla Almond family size
- BOGO printable here (Buy any Special K get original or Multigrain free)
- $1/2 Target printable here (my store accepts 2 identical store coupons at once)
1- Horizon Milk $3.79
4-- Clif bars $.99 each
-BOGO Clif bars (check your binders no longer available)
2- MP Tomato soup $.52 each
1- MP Cream of Mushroom soup $.64
1- Glad Force Flex with Febreze garbage bags $7
-$2/1 printable here
-$1/1 Glad Force Flex with Febreze here (this just went up today on the Target site so I didn't have it!)
1- Glade air freshner
-$1/1 RP?
1- MP Onion soup and dip mix
1- Excedrin Migraine $5.99
-FREE snail mail coupon here (still available?)
1- Excedrin Extra Strength $3.59
-FREE snail mail coupon here (still available?)
1- Schick Hydro 5 Razor $6.99
-FREE snail mail coupon (have no clue where I got this from!)
1- MP dino chicken nuggets (not pictured) $ 4
1- MP tator tots (not pictured) $2.29

1- Party Blowers $.50
4- Bead necklaces $.50 each
2- Thomas the Train toys $.69 each
1- ornament hooks $.10
6- Christmas cds ranging from $.59 - $.99 each

My total before coupons and sales: $149.52
After coupons and sales: $33.43

That's a savings of 77%!!!

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