Monday, January 17, 2011

Changes coming...It's A Good Thing!

As I said last week in my post about my quest to lose weight and make a change, our family is making the move (all be it a slow one!) to a more natural way of eating. DON'T STOP READING!

I'm not talking about moving into a grass hut and only eating food we grow ourselves. I'm not cleaning out my cabinets and fridge/freezer and throwing away everything that isn't organic or trans fat free. Are you crazy!? I'm a couponer!!!!!  I'm not going to be wasteful, that would not make me a good steward of the money God gave me. As I run out of something I am simply replacing it with a healthy alternative. We are making these changes in a slow process so it will be something that will stick, not a fad or a wild idea that's temporary. I feel spiritually led to make this change for my family's well being in order to be good stewards of this life God gave us.  AGAIN, DON'T STOP READING! I haven't lost my mind!

Like most of you I coupon for a reason! Money is tight and times are hard and processed food is not so healthy. It's shameful that the more processed the food the cheaper it is, but to buy something that is "more natural" is more expensive. I know stupid, right? I don't get it either. I'm still a couponer, will continue to be a couponer and bring you the newest coupons and great deals! I'll just be mixing in some more whole food, organic coupons with it! So don't worry! Coupons and coffee will still be here every morning! My coffee will just be made with organic milk and natural flavorings :)

So what exactly is going to be my definition of " going natural/organic"? My one and only goal is to cut out all the junk. The high fructose corn syrup, the milk and meat pumped full of hormones and the other stuff that's in every day items that we use. Are you still reading? Yes? Good!

I'm doing my own research, talking to others who are already living this lifestyle, and making educated decisions for myself. I'll be sharing my findings and what were choosing to use and lose with you as those decisions come around.

The first thing to tackle? Milk. We changed our milk habits a few months ago. We made the switch to hormone free milk. This weekend at a local farmers market we found someone locally that produces all natural, low temperature pasturized, unhomogenized milk from grassfed cows!! It was so tasty! At $5 a gallon, it's a great deal! I get to support a local business and I get healthier milk for my girls. Want to know more? Check out this article at Kitchen Stewardship that helped break it down for me.

Next on my list? Sugar! Is Splenda really better for you? What is Agave Nectar? Turbinado? I thought that was an engine....

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