Thursday, January 20, 2011

Homeschool: Zebra Lapbook and art project

Conversation between my 7 yr. old and her Daddy while they were playing around the other day:

Molly: "Dad, you're sillier than a zebra!"
Hubby: "Are zebras silly?"
Molly: "I don't know."
Hubby: "Do a report on zebras and find out if they are silly or not."

It's conversations and assignments like these that get me sidetracked with our schooling! But they are also one of the many things that I love about homeschooling! Where else can you completely change directions and study about something because you want to?

We just started a unit study in science on biomes. So this was actually perfect! Molly did a little research about grasslands (where zebras just happen to live) last week. So this week we've worked on a lapbook and some art projects on zebras. We'll finish the week up tomorrow with a short report on zebras and whether or not they are silly.

Here's Molly's lapbook. I got all of the printable from Homeschool Share. The local library doesn't have the Zebra Zoobook the link recommends, but I was able to find all the information online.

Here's Molly's art project. I found the idea on Deep Space Sparkle. This was our first trip into art with chalk pastels. Can you say messy? I'll be purchasing oil pastels next week to cut down on the mess. 

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