Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sometimes bad days turn bright...and a coupon challenge

You ever have one of "those days"? You know what I'm talking about, those days that start out great! The world is full of good news, like we got the house (yeah!), the baby is feeling better (double yeah!) and you spent time with your best friend (triple yeah!) and then all that comes crashing down in a matter of minutes. Yeah you know what I'm talking about I can see you nodding your heads yes. 

Well that has been my day. And it stinks! I went to my room, cried my eyes out for a few minutes and prayed while still crying my eyes out. Fortunately for me I have a mighty God who understands my bad day, but puts something in my path to make me realize my bad day is really not so bad. I'm thankful for that, oh so thankful. Now, though still upset by this afternoons events I can push them to the side, dry my eyes and put my energy into helping someone else.

Don't even ask how I got to the Support Johah page because I honestly can't tell you. All I know is I cried for a different reason when I read this blog. For my own self pity and realizing my day really isn't that bad, being able to relate on some level to giving birth to a child that is ill and then tears of joy for the solid faith this family has placed in God to get them through each day.


Before you go any farther into this coupon challenge I would encourage you to go to the Support Jonah page and read their story. It's funny, heart breaking and joyful all rolled into one and is the purpose of this coupon challenge.

Here's the challenge:

Patrice and Matt fight a daily battle against this disease ravaging Jonah's body and it's costly. There are a few over the counter items they use in abundance (Hand Sanitizer, Alcohol Swabs, Aquaphor, Polysporin, Original Desitin, Good Start Gentle Plus SOY Formula)daily.

My challenge to you couponers out there (besides praying for them ) is to purchase these items when you can, as cheaply as you can and mail them to Patrice and Matt. 

Jonah Williams
C/O Matt Williams
PO Box 11455
Winston-Salem, NC 27116 

You can also make tax deductible monetary donations through their church:

Pinedale Christian Church
3395 Peters Creek Parkway
Winston-Salem, NC 27127

These items will be on my list from now on! I hope you'll join me. 

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