Tuesday, April 19, 2011

$1.75 off Finish dishwasher detergent

Like Finish dishwashing on facebook

Head over to Facebook and "like" Finish to print a coupon for $1.75 off One Finish Quantum product! Don't let the 50% label confuse you, the coupon does print for $1.75.

I've read that some people are having trouble printing, but just keep trying! It printed for me with no problem.


  1. Thanks for the link, too bad we can't use it.

  2. You have such great tips! You should be on Extreme Couponers. ;)

    dropping in from CBC

  3. Mine printed with no trouble at all!!! YAY! :)

  4. Denise-print them and send them to me! My address is...... just kidding!

    Revjen you couldn't pay me to be on that show! Those people are nuts! Although I do watch the show, I'm not liking the practices I see being promoted. Shelf clearing, mis use of coupons and hoarding IS NOT the way to coupon. But thanks for thinking I'm "that good"!