Monday, April 11, 2011

Coupon Organization

As promised here is the way I organize my coupons, but first let's cover some Rules! Coming later this week: Coupon Lingo

The Rules!

1.       Only use the coupon for the intended item.
2.      Be careful of fakes! Awfully embarrassing to be called out in line at the store! Not to mention it’s illegal! Beware of PDF files, these are usually fake. There are a few exceptions, just check your source and make sure it’s legitimate.
3.      Don’t take ALL the coupons on the shelf! The general rule is 2-4 to save for later. However, if there is a coupon sitting there for a product you plan on buying right now take as many as you need! Same applies to peelies and blinkies.
4.      You will NOT receive money back on purchases if the total due is negative. If a cashier tries to hand you money, politely tell him/her that is not right. Accepting money back causes the cashier’s drawer to be messed up later.
5.      Always hit the “back” button and then “refresh” to print a coupon twice!
6.      Do NOT photocopy coupons! This is illegal!
7.      If someone posts a coupon on a blog or hands you a coupon and says this phrase “don’t use this at the store it’s from” or anything like it THROW IT AWAY! That is one of two things: a fake or meant for only one person.
8.      If you find a deal, share it! Tell me!!! :)

Now on to organization!

There are several methods of coupon organization
  • Binder method- When I started this is the method I used. Each week I wrote the date on the top of each insert and filed them in date order in a 3 ring binder with tabs. Then pulled and cut as needed. I still use this to a degree for overflow.

12 Pocket Expanding Box File With Metal Handle And Lock
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  •  Accordian/Box method- This is the method I currently use. Accordian style file or photo box with labeled tabs in alphabetical order (I use that term loosely!) with envelopes for sub-categories in each section.
    •  Baby
      • Diapers/Wipes
      • Food
      • Medication
    • Bags/Batteries/Office Supplies
      • Batteries
      • Bags(garbage and storage)
      • Office Supplies
      • Light bulbs
      •  Water filter
    • Baking
      • Oil and Sugar
      • Mixes
    •  Bread/Produce
      •  Bread
      • Produce
    •  Candy/Chips/Snacks
      •  Candy
      •  Chips
      •  Fruit snacks and bowls
      • Popcorn and nuts
      •  Snack Mix (think Chex)
    •  Canned
      •   Soup
      •  Coffee and creamers (includes refrigerated)
      •  Tea/Juice/Coke
      •  Other (peanut butter, jelly, etc.)
      •  Vegetables
    •  Cereal
      • Pancakes/syrup
      • Cereal
      •  Granola/Cereal bars
      •  Oatmeal/grits
    •  Cleaners
      •  Laundry
      •  Kitchen/bathroom
      •  Air freshners
    •  Dairy
      •  Cheese/yogurt /cold juice   
      • Eggs/Milk/Butter
    •  Frozen
      •  Frozen Veggies
      •  Frozen Pizza
      •  Frozen Bread
      •  Frozen Entrees
      •  Frozen Snacks
      •  Novelties (ice cream, etc.)
    •  Hygiene
      •  Shaving/lotion
      •  Soap/deodorant
      •  Medicine
      •  Dental
      • Make up/Feminine
      •  Hair
    •   Meat
      •  Deli
      • Prepackaged
    •  Paper Products/Pets
      •  Toilet paper/paper towels
      • Cat
      • Dog
    •  Pasta/Rice/Seasonings
      • Pasta/Rice
      • Seasonings
      •  Ethnic
    •   At the very back I had Stuff (now it's in it's own small coupon organizer):
      • Store specific coupons (Target, Walgreens, Publix, etc.)
      •  Restaurant coupons
      •  Miscellaneous (usually coupons I find and need to file)

·         Baseball card method- I’m not organized enough to do this method. Each coupon is clipped and then divided into sections and placed inside an individual pocket. My sister in law uses this method and loves it! (I need to mention she has no kids! lol Love ya Roxy!)

·         Professional services- Expensive and not worth it in my opinion.


  1. I love how you organize your coupons! I am going to re-do mine! :)

  2. I started the baseball card style...made a notebook and thought how smart I was! But I didn't keep up with it and it's now on my bookshelf with coupons in it that expired 6 months ago :) Need to get with it again!

  3. I use the baseball card holder method and like it. I can see all of the coupons easily. I tried another method and missed so many deals because I did not know what coupons I had when I could not see them.

    PS I AM a momma. 8^)

  4. LOL Dawnmarie...then you must have OCD or as CDO as my OCD friend puts it! ;)

    I'm just not that organized, but you know different methods work for different people. It's figuring out what works for you that makes all the difference.

  5. Reagan, to be honest, if they were not spread out in front of me like that, I might not even know what I had. LOL.

  6. Is there a way to get more information on the Baseball Card method? I currently have a small accordian file coupon book that I go through weekly (or every other week) to put in new coupons & take out the expired ones. It works for the most part, but makes it hard to see all my coupons as needed at the store. We are always searching the file for the right coupon for the right product. I think the Baseball Card method would really work for us.


  7. I love the baseball card method. This is what I started with. It's easy to see all the coupons and the folder sits nicely on the basket so you can go through it with ease when you see something unexpected on sale.