Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unadvertised Winn Dixie Deal

Ran into Winn Dixie last night after our Two Fat Chicks running meeting (aka couch to 5k) and ran across some great unadvertised deals! This was found at the Winn Dixie in Ocean Springs. Your local store may not have the same deal available, as I would assume it's based on inventory.

Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat 3/$10
-Found MANY packages with $2 off WD store coupons attached!

3-Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat 3/$10
-(3) WD coupons $2 each
Pay $4 (less than the price of one package!)

Look for the OM Roast Beef and then check out this recipe for a CHEAP and quick meal.

Kraft Cheese Slices 12 oz. 2/$5
-not a bad price right now

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