Monday, January 2, 2012

How a Positive Outlook can impact many lives

I have the wonderful privilege of knowing an amazing person. He has overcome obstacles that would drag most people down. He has the most positive, upbeat attitude even when things are bad. He has the sweetest little family you could ever meet (his daughter reminds me of "boo" from Monsters Inc.) and an amazingly supportive wife. Quick to smile and even quicker to share about his wife, kids, God's love and his testimony. Who is this person you ask? My friend and fellow Mosaic Church member, Jeff Smart.

You can read all about Jeff, his story and see a picture of his great family in the article "Proof Positive" in this month's edition of South Mississippi Living. You can read it online here (starts on page 62) or pick up your free copy at over 400 different locations here on the Gulf Coast.

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  1. He sounds like a wonderful blessed man. Happy New Year!