Monday, May 16, 2011

Walgreens Trip and an Interview

I headed out first thing this morning with my list and coupons in hand to shop at Walgreens while doing an interview and taking pictures with the local paper! That's right! Yours truly is suppose to be front page news on Wednesday! I can't believe it! I am totally in shock/embarrassed/appreciative of the attention to my little corner of the couponing world. I hope the story helps someone else save money!

On to the trip! I'm disappointed to say that of course they were out of almost everything and didn't even carry one of the products advertised! But I did come across another great deal! Cheap pizza!!!

Here's what I did:

Transaction #1
1-Gillette Fusion Razor $9.89
-$4/1 P&G 5/1
1-filler item $.29 (acne sports wipes)
-$4 RR Renpure (from last week)
Total OOP: 2.18
Received $5 RR Gillette

Transaction #2
1-Finish Gel pacs $3.49
-$1.75/1 printable no longer available
2-Cap'n Crunch $1.75
-$1/2 printable no longer available
2-Red Baron Pizzas BOGO $5.49
-$1/1 any Red Baron pizza SS 3/27 (use 2)
1- filler item $.29( acne sports wipes)
-$5 RR Gillette
Total OOP: $3.02
Received a $1.50 RR Finish

Transaction #3:
1-Finish Gel pacs $3.49
-$1.75/1 printable no longer available
1-Gain dish soap $.99 w/ in ad coupon
-$1/1 Gain dish detergent P&G Everyday Savings booklet
-$1.50 RR Finish
Total OOP: $.52
(Should NOT have used that RR on this transaction! **Cannot use the same RR to purchase identical deal or it will not print another RR)

Transaction #4:
1-Gillette Body wash $3.34
-$2/1 RP 5/15
1-Gillette Deodorant $8.99
-FREE Deodorant wyb Gillette bodywash
2- Old Spice Body wash $3.33
-BOGO P&G 5/1 
Total OOP: $12.89
Received $3 RR Gillette 

Transaction #5:
3- Quaker Life Cereal $1.75
-$2/3 Pepsico 5/1
-$3 RR Gillette
(did not need a filler because I had three items and only 2 coupons)
Total OOP: $.25

Transaction #6:
4- Red Baron pizzas BOGO $5.49
-$1/1 SS 3/27
Total OOP: $6.98

Total for all products BEFORE coupons: $106.79
Total OOP for all products: $25.84 
(about what you would spend on 2 delivered pizzas!)
Savings of about 76%!


  1. That's great. I just stocked up on my husbands old spice body wash. I had a BOGO free Q. Went to Target just to browse and found out tyey had a 2 pack on clearence for $3.34 I ended up getting 12 bottles for $10.02, which made them $1.67 a piece.

  2. Can you explain to me what a filler item is? I have heard that term before but what is its purpose?

  3. At Walgreens a filler is needed when you have more coupons than items in your transaction.
    I buy 2 bottles of shampoo. I have 2 coupons AND a Register Reward. I need a filler item to use the RR.

    Filler items should be this: Cheap and/or something you need.

    Filler items are also sometimes needed at stores that allow you to have overage. Since they can't give you money back you need items to use up that extra money.

  4. YAY Reagan! And, just to think...when you get famous, I can say that I knew you when...... LOL ;)

  5. Lol Alisa! Thanks! Funny you say that, because when this article runs it means that both hubby and I will have been in the media twice in the last 6 months. Our oldest daughter said "well Mom, Allyson and I need to do something special to get in the paper now so we can all be famous!" Ahh the wisdom of 8 yr. olds!

  6. Who won the giveaway? I haven't seen any results.