Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coupons and Coffee

Mornin! Woke up this morning to my littlest one having a swollen red/purple eyelid so off to the doctor we will go this morning! Things were crazy yesterday with the article in the paper and the huge influx of people on the blog and Facebook. I've been bombarded with messages and questions, which I love by the way! :)

So if you are just getting started here are a few tips:

1. Set your budget FIRST! You don't want to overspend! It makes couponing pointless!
2. Make a list of what you NEED! 
3. Get some coupons! I'm not a big supporter of buying them online or from ebay. It's not worth it in my opinion. Then again I'm not a hoarder so that may be why! 
4. Match those coupons to your NEEDS list and sales for this week. Buy those NEED things first!!!
5. After you've bought what you NEED, look at items that you use that can be stockpiled. I recommend a 3-6 month supply, not years!

And a little FYI:

  • Coupons for healthy food do exist! I use them regularly and post them here.
  • Coupons for meat and fruit are out there, but are rare. Check out the local farmers market for great prices on fresh produce and some great natural,  milk which we love!
  • Don't let the coupons control you! You purchase what your family uses, not just because it's on sale!**Unless it's free and you donate, which is what my family does.**

You are not going to save hundreds the first time, or the second. It takes a while to get the hang of this, but you will see some savings and it will increase over time!

On to what you really want! Here come the coupons! Thanks to Hip2Save, Jessica's Coupons, The Frugal Girls, and Money Saving Mom !

$.55/1 Quaker Life Baked cereal bars 
$.55/1 Kraft dressing 14 oz. or larger
$1/1 Wholly Product-Facebook
$1/1 Green Works Glass cleaner-emailed to you
$1/1 Dreamfields Pasta- We LOVE this healthy pasta!

Neilmed Nasoflo Netipot-Facebook
Philosophy Anti-aging Eye Cream
Benjamin Moore Paint pint FREE-Facebook
Song of Renewal by Emily Sue Harvey-ebook
Backyard Barbque Recipes ebook
AfroFood spices
Jungle Book study guide


  1. Reagan, Can I hire someone to clip the coupons and do the shopping for me? You know me. Confirmed bachelor here! LOL

  2. Duke if you didn't live so far away you could hire me! Would you believe I get asked that question more than just about anything else!?