Friday, May 20, 2011

Coupons and Coffee

Mornin! It's Friday!!!! Don't know why I'm excited because it certainly doesn't mean I'll be resting or enjoying my weekend at home. Some local youth decided to attempt to steal some things from a neighbor which ignited a fire and destroyed several properties. One of which was my grandparents home. Fortunately the house is safe but several other structures(my grandad's shop and my grandmother's greenhouse) were destroyed. So instead of our planned trip to the New Orleans Zoo we'll be spending the weekend helping them clean up the mess. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining about the change of plans, I'm glad that I'm close and can help them. Plus I get to teach my children some humility by laying aside our plans to help someone in need. That will reap more reward than a trip to the zoo.

Here's some more couponing FYI for you. What I like to refer to as the 

"Rules of Engagement":

1.       Only use the coupon for the intended item! 
2.      Be careful of fakes! Awfully embarrassing to be called out in line at the store! Not to mention it’s illegal! Beware of PDF files, these are usually fake. There are a few exceptions, just check your source and make sure it’s legitimate. Check out if you are not sure.
3.      Don’t take ALL the coupons on the shelf! The general rule is 2-4 to save for later. However, if there is a coupon sitting there for a product you plan on buying right now take as many as you need! Same applies to peelies and blinkies.
4.      You will NOT receive money back on purchases if the total due is negative. If a cashier tries to hand you money, politely tell him/her that is not right. Accepting money back causes the cashier’s drawer to be messed up later.
5.      Always hit the “back” button and then “refresh” to print a coupon twice!
6.      Do NOT photocopy coupons! This is illegal!
7.   DO NOT clear the shelves! The sale will come around again and stores restock. Remember to leave some for the next person. No one needs15 boxes of oatmeal at one time!
7.      If you find a deal, share it! Tell me so I can post it here!!! J

Now for what you really want! There is not a lot of new stuff today. Thanks to Hip2Save, Jessica's Coupons, Money Saving Mom, For The Mommas

$5/2 Tucks pads
$1/1 Crystal Light-Facebook I saw these on clearance at Target the other day!
Kellogg's Coupons
$1/1 Marzetti Slaw Dressing

Playtex samples
Rachel Ray Nutrish Dog Food sample
Jiffy recipe book


  1. Oh, Dear! I am glad that your grandparents and their home are safe. That is horrible, and I am sad to say that I can relate. Some teenagers were messing around with some things in our backyard and started a fire and burned our 10'x20' shed down. The house was under contract at the time, and the buyer backed out. What a situation!

  2. Goodness! I hope your clean up went smoothly today! How awful!!!!