Sunday, February 13, 2011

Super Savings Saturday!

With the hubby at work and the oldest at a sleepover, I took the opportunity to do some coupon shopping today with the baby in tow. Grabbed some AWESOME deals! We hit Walgreens, Target, Food Tiger, and Rite Aid! That's a lot of stops with a little person, especially a tired one that's under the weather.

Food Tiger:

4- Xtra detergent $1.68
- $1/1 blinkie (found at Family Dollar)
Paid: $2.72

Rite Aid:
1- Children's Chestal $4.99
-$3/1 printable no longer available
4- Spic and Span disposable gloves $.50 each (on clearance 50% off)
-$1/2 printable (check your coupon stash)
Paid: $1.99
Got a $4 SCR for Chestal


The hubby is totally embarrassed by this picture. I however find it hilarious because of what you got free!

1- KY Yours & Mine $14.99
-$7/1 printable here
1-Greeting Card $2.79
-FREE Greeting Card peelie found on KY Target Q
4- Finish gelpacs/powerballs $2.50 each
-$2.25/1 SS 1/2
Paid: $8.49
Got $5 GC


I did this in several transactions so they would pay for themselves. Remember for every coupon you need an item so look for inexpensive like these pencils.

Transaction #1:

2- Colgate 2/$5

1-Nice n Easy Foam $7.99
-FREE Nice n Easy Foam Facebook promotion no longer available

Got $3 RR Colgate and $1 RR Nice n Easy

Transaction #2:
1-Gillette Fusion Razor $9.99
-$4/1 P&G 1/30
1-Pencils $.29
-$3 Colgate RR
Paid:$ 3.38
Got $4 RR Gillette

Transaction #3:

1- Veripure Hand sanitizer $4
1- Ocean Spray Cran-Grape$2.99
-$4 RR Gillette RR
-$1 Nice N Easy RR
Paid: $1.98
Got $4 RR Veripure and $2 RR Ocean Spray

Transaction #4:
2- pencils $.29
3- Huggies Wipes $2/5
-$2/3 printable no longer available or $.50/1 SS 1/23
2- Huggies Little Movers $8.99
-$2/1 printable or SS 1/23
-$4 Veripure RR
-$2 Ocean Spray RR
Paid: $14.26
Got $5 RR Huggies

So total at all stores I spent $36.32 OOP for $97.81 worth of products and I still have a $4 SCR for later use at Rite Aid, $5 RR to use later at Walgreens and a $5 GC to use at Target!  If you add in those it's like I spent $22.32!

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