Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CVS Trip 1/31/11- Deals available this week!

I went a little over my regular budget this week to stock up on shampoos and such. You may ask "I thought they were going organic/green?" My answer: Yes, we're going green in most areas. I'm just not ready to wash my hair with borax and citric acid just yet ;)

Here are the deals I worked at CVS yesterday. A few things will be different for you since I used coupons that expired yesterday. Trust me these deals could have been worked SO much better, but I had a 1 year old and a 7 year old dancing around the cart while I was at checkout!

Transaction #1:
2-Planters Nut-rition 2/$5 Get $1 ECB WYB 2
-$.75/1 SS1/2/11 x2
2-Olay Body wash $6 Get $2 ECB (limit 1) 
-Free Olay facial lotion WYB body wash up to $6 (cheapest I found was $8.99) P&G 1/30/11
-Free Secret deodorant WYB body wash P&G 1/30/11
-$2/1 Olay Body wash (now expired) x2 P&G 12/26/10 **expired 1/31/11**

OOP before coupons: $28.49
OOP: $14.49
Got $3 ECB

Transaction #2

Let me say a word about this transaction. I was excited to see the FREE toilet paper WYB $25 in P&G products deal. It was going to go perfect with my stockpile of shampoo! As I said before I had 2 kids in tow (which I normally try not to have) so I didn't pay attention to the small print in the ad. I didn't buy the right Pantene Shampoo to make it qualify for the free toilet paper or the cheaper price! ugh. That's happens when I shop with my kids! There were too many people in line behind me and I was worn out so no free toilet paper or returning the higher priced shampoo for me :( So this is more than I would normally spend on these products but it was just one of those days! Averages out to about $1.65ish per item OOP which isn't bad, but I prefer $1 or less.

4-Dawn Hand renewal $.97
-$1/1 from Homemade Simple coupon booklet
-$.50/1 P&G 12/26/10 **expired 1/31/11**
4- Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioners $3.48 Unadvertised ECB $3 WYB $10
-$2/2 x2 P&G 12/26/10 **expired 1/31/11** 
4- Pantene shampoo and conditioners $3.99 Unadvertised ECB $3 WYB $10
-$3/2 x2 P&G 12/26/10 **expired 1/31/11**
2- Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioners 2/$5.97 Get $2 ECB WYB 2
-BOGO P&G 12/26/10 **expired 1/31/11**
-$1/2 P&G 1/30/11
2- Aussie shampoo and conditioners 2/$5.97 Get $2 ECB WYB 2
-BOGO P&G 12/26/10 **expired 1/31/11**
-$1/2 P&G 1/30/11
1- Gold Bond travel size hand lotion $.99
-$1/1 any hand lotion (came from magic coupon machine)

- $3 ECB from transaction #1

Total before coupons: $46.69
OOP: $26.78
Got $6 ECBs

Transaction #3

Spend $15 on Coke and Kraft products get $5 ECB

2- Honest Tea 2/$3
-$.50/1 printable here x2
4- Vitamin Water 2/$3
-BOGO printable (no longer available) x2
2- Wheat Thins 2/$4
-$1/1 coupon booklet found at Kroger x2
1- Sprite 12 pack $3

-$6 ECB from transaction #2

Total before coupons: $16
OOP: $3.62
Got $5 ECB

So total I spent $44.89 OOP on $91 worth of merchandise (mind you those are sale prices!). I still have $5 in ECBs for next week. Not my best week, but it's not to shabby either. We are now stocked on shampoos/conditioners for the next 6-8 months so that's one less item on my shopping list which in the end brings down my weekly budget. 

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