Friday, October 29, 2010

There are two types of coupons: store coupons and manufacturer coupons.

What’s the difference: Manufacturer Coupons
1.        1.  Manufacturer coupons will have a barcode and begin with a 5 or 9.
  1. Manufacturer coupons will have the company address somewhere on the coupon so the store can be reimbursed. Stores are reimbursed by the manufacturer for FULL face value for the coupon plus $0.08 per coupon PLUS shipping. So do not feel bad for using your coupons to your advantage!

 See the 5? Indicates
manufacturers coupon.

What’s the difference: Store Coupons
  1. Store coupons sometimes have a barcode but do not begin with a 5.
  2. Store coupons will have the name of the store and some kind of identification number.
    • Exception: Rite Aid store coupons say “manufacturer” at the top but begin with RC which makes it a store coupon.
  3. Store coupons will have the store name on it. Sometimes manufacturer’s coupons will have a stores name on it (i.e. Target, Walgreens) but will still say “manufacturer coupon” and start with a 5. Stores can accept manufacturer coupons even if it has another stores name on it, but it is at their discretion.
                                                         Store name


Where to find coupons

Manufacturer coupons can be found:
1.      Sunday paper inserts are the easiest place to find lots of mannys at once.
2.    Magazines often have coupons. “All You” (found only at Walmart or sent through subscription) has the most coupons in it by far!  See me for an order form !
3.    Internet coupons are ALWAYS available! This is where most of my coupons come from. Below is a list of sites.
· as you need them, unless it’s high value
· Usually the same as the Sunday insert.
· the same as the Sunday insert.
·         Manufacturer websites-ALWAYS check the manufacturer’s website!
v      Ex: Betty Crocker, Kraft, Clorox
·         Facebook- Different companies always run special coupons on their Facebook page.
·         Peelies- Found on product packaging.
v      General rule: Take 2 to save for later. If you plan to use immediately take as many as you need. Just remember to be polite and don’t take them all!
·         Blinkies- Little black machine found on shelves. Taking 2-4 is acceptable.
·         Tear pads- If you see a tear pad and want the coupon GET IT! Don’t wait because they will be gone. Again, taking 2-4 is acceptable.
·         Email program- I have a running list of companies to email and receive FREE coupons! Many times those coupons include a FREE product coupon. Check out the blog for the running list.
Store coupons can be found:
·         Well in the store of course!
·         Publix keeps their coupons behind the counter. Just walk up and ask for some.
·         Drug stores usually have them when you walk in by the current sales ad.
·         The following stores have their coupons online on the store webpage and affiliate pages too:

o    CVS
o    Walgreens
o    Target
o    Rite Aid
o    Dollar General
o    Publix


  1. Good Morning,

    Just read your article in today's paper, I can relate to the backlash that you are getting. I have been price matching at Wal-Mart for 4 years now, starting in my mid-twenties, never surprises me that people are "upset" that I do this, but I always tell them once they get behind me in line that I have price match. Anyway, I just wanted to ask you if there are any stores that you know of around our area that double coupons? Winn-Dixie did maybe three years ago but not anymore, I have also used coupons for years but seems like the best deals come when they are doubled. Anyway, I am printing away links from your site, keep up the good work!

  2. I am loving this site :) There is so much information. I also want to know if any local stores double or triple coupons on the coast. Fred's drugstores double up to .70, but only on Saturdays and Kroger in Jackson doubles. I don't know their policy about tripling though.. a cashier at walmart just told me about that.