Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coupon Myths and The Rules

Common Coupon Myths

So many people have preconceived notions about couponing. Here are a few and why they are wrong!

1. "There are never coupons for items I need."
Really? If that’s the case then I’ve been stealing stuff! There are ALWAYS coupons available for necessities such as toothpaste, deodorant, feminine hygiene, etc.

2.     “Coupons are only for junk food.”
Yes and no. There are always coupons for junk food, but there are always coupons for health food too. The healthy coupons are just not always plentiful AND due to our location and lack of chain health food stores. Check out Mambo Sprouts for health food coupons.

3.     “Stores lose money if you use too many coupons.”
First of all, that’s crazy! If that is the case then why do they accept them? Stores are reimbursed by the manufacturer for FULL face value for the coupon plus $0.08 per coupon PLUS shipping. So do not feel bad for using your coupons to your advantage.
  • The only exceptions to this are store coupons. Stores who print their own store coupons do lose money for those coupons AND if they accept competitor store coupons (like Publix). Their theory is “if you print them, they will come” so again do not feel bad for the store.
4.     “Coupons cause you to buy things you wouldn’t normally buy.”
There is a little truth to this comment, but there is an explanation and a positive side to this! First, it’s not the coupon making you buy that item. You are the one putting it in your buggy! Two, yes I buy things I normally wouldn’t buy (like name brand) because I’m getting it cheaper than store brand! Which leads to #5!

5.     “It’s cheaper to buy store brand than to use coupons on name brand.”
Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong! Before I started couponing there were only two things that had to be name brand in my house, JIF peanut butter and Campbells soup. Everything else could be name brand. I have more name brand products in my home now, because they go on sale more often (unlike store brands), they have coupons AND between those two things I pay less for the name brand than the store brand.

6.     “Only poor people use coupons.”
Wrong again! Smart people use coupons because it saves money! Statistics say that low income ($25,000 or less a year) are less likely to use coupons.  Middle class, middle aged, college educated people use the most coupons.

7.       “You shouldn’t clip and keep every coupon.”
Don’t toss a coupon because it’s something you don’t use, because it just might make you money! Plus, depending on the item this is an awesome way to donate to charity!

8.     “It’s not worth shopping at multiple stores.”
Yes it is! If you are saving hundreds of dollars on items you use every day an extra 10 minutes of time and $10 in gas is worth the extra trip!

The Rules!

1.       Only use the coupon for the intended item.
2.      Be careful of fakes! Awfully embarrassing to be called out in line at the store! Not to mention it’s illegal! Beware of PDF files, these are usually fake. There are a few exceptions, just check your source and make sure it’s legitimate.
3.      Don’t take ALL the coupons on the shelf! The general rule is 2-4 to save for later. However, if there is a coupon sitting there for a product you plan on buying right now take as many as you need! Same applies to peelies and blinkies.
4.      You will NOT receive money back on purchases if the total due is negative. If a cashier tries to hand you money, politely tell him/her that is not right. Accepting money back causes the cashier’s drawer to be messed up later.
5.      Always hit the “back” button and then “refresh” to print a coupon twice!
6.      Do NOT photocopy coupons! This is illegal!
7.      If you find a deal, share it! Tell me!!! J


  1. Q: The coupons I print say only one coupon per purchase. How can I get around that If I want more then just one of the sale item? Do they have coupons that don't have limits?

  2. "One coupon per purchase" means that you can have one coupon per like item.

    "One coupon per transaction" or "one coupon per person" means only one identical coupon per checkout. These are the tricky ones!

    If your store will allow you, check out multiple times in a row. Just be sure to warn anyone in line behind you that you are using coupons and there will be a wait!