Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coupon Solutions: When a store says "NO" to your coupon

It happens! You walk into a store with coupons in hand ready to get a great deal. You get to the register with these great buys in hand and the cashier gives you grief and you end up leaving mad and possibly empty handed. 

Recently one of my readers had this experience:

"I have tried to use coupons several times at a local store and it's usually an unpleasant experience. Today was the worst. I had two sets of coupons on two products (1 store coupon and 1 manufacturer coupon for each product). The cashiers were very unfriendly, uneducated in their store coupon policy and refused my coupons! I had their store policy in my hands and even spoke with a manager. I ended up leaving very frustrated.I called the customer hotline and complained, but now I feel bad and am concerned these cashiers will remember me and know I called but am still frustrated about the coupons not being accepted."

First I would tell you to double check your coupons, read the fine print and make sure you are definitely within the limits of the coupon. Then I would argue your case to a manager. If that doesn't work walk away, leave the purchase behind (unless of course it's something you really need!) and then call customer service. Target has the "red phone" in the store that you can ask to use to call customer service immediately!

You are definitely entitled as a customer to complain about service at any store. Otherwise how would they be able to correct the problem? Keep in mind also that the cashiers probably won't get the brunt of the aftermath, instead it will be the manager since it is his/her responsibility to make sure the employees are properly trained.

My advice to you would be to always carry a copy of the stores coupon policy with you (I have most of them here on the blog). Sometimes stores/managers can be plain old sticks in the mud and tear a coupon apart with terminology. My general rule of thumb is try it, if it doesn't work just tell them you don't want it (unless of course I know that I am right!) 

Don't worry about them remembering you because odds are they won't retaliate in any form because they know you aren't afraid to call and complain. Should you experience a bad situation again I would not hesitate to call again. 

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