Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meats on a budget: 5/26-6-1

Getting ready for the Memorial day bar-b-ques just got easier! Here is a list of all the local stores meat prices for this week.

Spareribs $1.99 lb (Winn Dixie)
Pork Spareribs $1.99 lb (Publix)
Spare ribs $1.69 lb (Jerry Lee's)
Pork Spare Ribs $2.38 lb (Piggly Wiggly)
Country Style Ribs $1.99 lb (Winn Dixie)
Boneless country style ribs $2.99 lb (Publix)
Country Style ribs $1.78 lb (Rouses)
Country Style Ribs $1.68 lb (Piggly Wiggly)
Pork loin Baby back ribs $6.99/2 lbs BOGO (Winn Dixie)
Pork Loin back ribs $4.49 lb (Publix)
Pork Loin Baby Back ribs $3.49 lb (Rouses)
Baby Back ribs $3.69 (Jerry Lee's)
Pork Baby back ribs $3.48 lb (Piggly Wiggly)
Beef Back ribs 2 pack $1.98 lb (Piggly Wiggly)

Chicken & Turkey
Thighs or drumsticks $.99 lb (Winn Dixie)
Thighs or drumsticks $.99 lb (Jerry Lees)
Thighs or drumsticks $.88 lb (Piggly Wiggly)
Drumsticks $.88 lb (Rouses)
Skinless split chicken breasts $1.99 lb (Winn Dixie)
Chicken Kabobs with vegetables $4.99 lb (Publix)
Boneless, skinless breast fillets $3.99 lb (Publix)
Whole fryer $.88 lb (Piggly Wiggly)
Whole Turkey $1.18 lb (Rouses)
Turkey necks $.87 lb (Rouses)

Tenderloin $9.99 lb (Winn Dixie)
Tenderloin $10.79 lb (Publix)
Pork Steak $1.99 lb (Winn Dixie)
Pork Steak $1.68 lb (Piggly Wiggly)
Boneless chuck steak $3.69 lb (Winn Dixie)
T-bone $8.99 lb (Winn Dixie)
T-bone $6.59 lb (Publix)
T-bone $6.98 lb (Piggly Wiggly)
Porterhouse $6.59 lb (Publix)
Bone-in Ribeye $5.99 lb (Winn Dixie)
Boneless Ribeye $6.99 lb (Winn Dixie)
Boneless Ribeye $7.19 lb (Publix)
Whole boneless ribeyes $5.99 lb (Jerry Lees)
Ribeye $6.99 lb (Jerry Lees)
Boneless top sirloin $4.99 lb (Winn Dixie)
Boneless top sirloin $4.19 lb (Publix)
Boneless Sirloin $3.77 lb (Rouses)
New York strip $7.19 lb (Publix)
Shoulder steak $3.79 lb(Publix)

Boneless chuck roast $3.69 lb (Winn Dixie)
Shoulder roast $3.49 lb (Publix)
Eye round roast $2.48 lb (Rouses)
Top Sirloin Fillets $4.79 lb (Publix)
Sirloin tip roast $2.68 lb (Piggly Wiggly)
Ground chuck $2.79 lb (Publix)
Ground chuck $1.98 lb (Piggly Wiggly)
Ground round $2.69 lb (Jerry Lees)
Beef kabobs with vegetables $4.99 lb (Publix)
Brisket $2.98 lb (Piggly Wiggly)

Half spiral sliced ham $1.79 lb (Winn Dixie)
Boston Butt roast $1.69 lb (Winn Dixie)
Boston Butt roast $1.49 lb (Jerry Lees)
Tenderloin $5.99/2 lbs. BOGO (Winn Dixie)
Hormel pork loin $9.99 BOGO (Winn Dixie)
Boneless pork chops $3.69 lb (Publix)
Thin sliced pork chops $3.99 lb (Publix)
Pork end chops $1.28 lb (Rouses)
Whole tenderloin $8.98 lb (Piggly Wiggly)

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