Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to not get suckered in by the "buy this get this free"

So everyone has seen and probably bought into it a few times too. That great big sign that says "Buy this, get this FREE!!" Most of the time these deals are good (like the Winn Dixie meal deals) and often made sweeter by using coupons. However, sometimes it helps to pay just a little more attention in order to save even more.

For example, this week Target is running a special "buy 3 kellogg's cereals get a gallon of milk free". Well this is a decent deal. The cereal isn't marked up, there are coupons to use (click here to print yours) and who doesn't enjoy getting something free!?

Let's do the math:

Target deal:
3-Kellogg's cereals at $3.89 =$11.87
-$1/3 printable here
+get free Market Pantry milk
Total OOP: $10.87
But don't run out to Target yet...there is a better deal!

This week at CVS Kellogg's cereal is on sale for $1.66 a box with the CVS card. 

3-Kellogg's cereals at $1.66= $4.98
-$1/3 printable here
1- Brown's Dairy milk $3.98
Total OOP: $7.96

That's a difference of $2.91....that's another box of cereal at CVS...almost 2!!

Always compare the deals!

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