Wednesday, December 15, 2010 16 bid credit!

Have you heard of Here's how Skoreit explains it's service:

Our auctions are unique:

  • Brand new, factory sealed items.
  • All items start at $0, no reserve.
  • Winning bidders save 71 % off retail price on average!

How does it work?

Purchase a BidPak

Purchase a BidPak™

Think of it like buying a bidding paddle at an auction house.
Individual BidPaks™ start as low as $9.90 and contain multiple bid credits priced as low as $0.60 apiece.
Bid on an auction

Bid on an auction

When you bid on an auction, your BidPak™ credits are used one at a time. Unused credits are refundable.
Penny per bid

Penny per bid

Each bid increases the auction price by 1¢ - 8¢, depending on the auction. You can place bids automatically using our BidAgent™ feature.
Adds time to the clock

Adds time to the clock

Each bid increases the auction timer by a predetermined limit (between 5 and 30 seconds). Auctions end when interest runs out, very similar to an auctioneer calling, "going once, going twice, sold!"
Place the winning bid!

Place the winning bid!

Place the last bid before the timer runs out and you win!

You can go here to register. Right now you can enter ESPN after you register to 16 free bids. Right now an Apple 16GB ipad is selling for under $20 dollars!

Thanks to my hubby Eric for catching this deal while watching "Mike and Mike in the Morning". I've taught him well!

Disclaimer: I receive no benefit if you sign up. I just love freebies so I thought I would share!

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