Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday ad match round up!

I was a slacker last week and never got around to HP's and Greer's. Sorry about that! It was a crazy week! My baby turned 1 on Wednesday! The year has flown by...I won't waste anymore are the match ups for this week!

Kind of a lack luster week I think. I'll say again, be careful with the ECB and RR deals that say FREE after rebates and coupons. I personally do not buy these items unless it's something I really need because lots of times you still pay a good bit out of pocket before the discounts. So just be careful. Did that make sense?

Target- Thanks, totallytarget!

CVS- Thanks, iheartsavingmoney!

Rite Aid- Thanks, iheartsavingmoney!

Walgreens- Thanks, wildforwags!

Kroger- Thanks, southernsavers!

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