Thursday, August 12, 2010

Once a Month cooking adventure!

So with all these great deals and stockpiling I'm doing I've decided to try my  hand at Once A Month Cooking! I love to cook, but I HATE to clean it up! With my youngest going through separation issues and clinging to my legs constantly cooking in the afternoons has become a very big chore. So this weekend my Mother and I will be having a cooking day.

Here's our list of things to make:

Taco meat x4 (already done!)
ground beef x4 (for cavatini and spaghetti)
hamburger patties (burgers and hamburger steaks with gravy) x2
chicken and wild rice bake kits x2
pizza kits x4
baked/grilled chicken x4
BBQ pork x2
chicken spaghetti x2
meatballs x2

cinnamon rolls
breakfast burritos

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