Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Gulf Is Back Benefit Concert.....or How I got grossed out by David Hasselhoff!

You all know I love a deal! Eric scored us free tickets to "The Gulf Is Back" benefit concert last night at the coliseum. Mostly b-listers but it was fun! Well except for David Hasselhoff. Can I just say EWWW!?! I enjoyed Lonestar (despite the cocky new lead singer who looks like he could one of their sons!). Bo Bice was awesome and very talented. We had a chance to get an autograph but had nothing for him to sign. Terry Clark did a great job too. I LOVED Taylor Hicks! He was awesome! However, the lowest point of the evening was David Hasselhoff. I could have lived my entire life without seeing that horrible, cheesy, self absorbed production! I can't even begin to explain this maybe I just need to show a video....

Imagine something much like this LIVE! It was............... bad! He sang this horrible kitschy song about "how he feels". Something Molly at the age of 7 could have written! Then he did this huge high kick in front of this ladies face. He should owe her some money for being blinded for life by the view! But that's what we've talked about the most! Had a great time! And the BEST burger afterwards at Mugshots! Delicious! I will be eating the rest of it for lunch today!


  1. I watched the David Hasselhoff video I though it was funny, and the song is a classic from when I was in high school, long long time ago.
    Reagan you must be much younger then me.
    Thank you

  2. Grazielle it wasn't the song that I found funny, it's actually not bad. I was referring more to the over acting (a la William Shatner)that I find ridiculous. Thanks for leaving a comment!