Friday, March 26, 2010

AWESOME Deals on Razors, shaving cream and body wash at Target NOW!

You heard it here first! Right now at Target (d'Iberville) you can get Gillette Fusion Power Razors, a can of Gillette Fusion Shaving Cream (make sure it rings up right!) and a large bottle of Gillette bodywash for $3!!!!

Here's how it works:

Gillette Fusion Power Razor clearance priced to $4.97
-$4/1 P&G 02/07/10
Gillette Fusion Shaving Cream Price cut $2.99 (had a sign but did not ring up so be careful!)
-$1/1 shaving cream P&G 02/07/10
-Buy any Gillette Shave Prep and get Gillette Body Wash FREE 2/21/10

So you pay $2.96 plus tax for all 3 items!


  1. So apparently the Price Cut on the shaving cream was suppose to be over and I only got it earlier because I saw the sign, because when I went back tonight to get more the sign was gone!

  2. Hello..Thank you for sharing this nice piece of information with us. I had not used the I Coloniali shave soap for several weeks. I really need to work this stuff into my rotation more frequently because I love it.