Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Walgreens How to

Catalina coupon--at Walgreens it is called a Register Reward.

*No card required at Walgreens.

*You can use one manufactuer coupon and one Walgreens coupon per item. (stacking)

*Be sure to hand over your manufacturer coupon before the Walgreens coupons so you don't have a beeping cash register!!!

*Walgreens does not take competitor coupons.

*Register Rewards are manufacturer coupons that print from at Catalina machine when you buy certain promotional items.

*Register Rewards are like "Walgreens money".

* You must have as many items as you have coupons. So if you have 5 coupons you must have 5 items. Sometimes you have to add fillers to you will have enough items, especially when you are stacking coupons.
*What are fillers? These are just cheap items that you add to your purchase so you can use all of your coupons. Check clearance section for filler.

*Do Register Rewards expire? Yes.

*What can I purchase with Register Rewards? Anything!

*Where can I use Register Rewards? Walgreens of course. But also Publix. Our Fairhope location will accept them. The rule with using them to pay at Publix is that each Register Reward has to have a different Retailer(you can find this info on the RR).

*What does FREE after Rebate Rewards mean?
Here is an example--Vitamin Shampoo was $3.99. After I checked out, paid cash for the shampoo plus tax...a Register Reward for $4 printed out of the register along with my receipt. So essentially I got the shampoo free--just paid tax.

*Multiple Transactions? Why would I split transactions?
To get more than one Register Reward for the same product.
I wanted the conditioner, but would only get 1 register reward for that item per transaction...If I would have put the conditioner and the shampoo in the same transaction only one $4 Register Reward would have printed out. By breaking it up I received $8 Register Rewards.

*What is "rolling"?
Example, you buy Dove soap and get 2 Register Rewards along with your receipt. In your second transaction you purchase 2 toothbrushes. You pay for the second purchase with 2 Register Rewards(Dove) from the first transaction. And get 2 Register Rewards for the toothbrushes along with you receipt. Roll RRs from first transaction into the second transaction.

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