Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Coupons.com is the site I like to go to first when I'm printing out coupons from online. There are a set number of coupons that are allowed to be printed. Once that is reached you can no longer print that coupon. However, at the beginning of each month the coupons are reset and sometimes the same coupons show up repeatedly. Most stores will take internet printed coupons. Stores like Target will take Target coupons AND manufacturers coupons which add up to huge savings! The only place I have seen trouble with this is Winn Dixie. My Mom went there last week and they refused to take the internet coupons saying it was store policy. I called Winn Dixie's corporate office and they assured me that was a mistake and that they accept all forms of coupons. CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens also have great coupon opportunities.

Here are a few of the coupon sites I visit:

Target.com (on the left hand side you'll see Coupons in the list)
Any product you like will usually have a website and an opportunity for coupons.

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