Friday, January 8, 2010

Rouses Coupon Policy

Here is Rouses Coupon Policy from their website. I have heard of people having trouble with them accepting internet printed coupons. I have not checked this out for myself yet. I'm working on doing coupon match ups with Rouses this weekend!
Rouses accepts the following types of coupons (see guidelines below):

    • Manufacturer Coupons (Cents Off)

    • Free merchandise (or manufacturer's Buy-One-Get-One-Free) coupons

    • Store Coupons

    • Internet Coupons

    • Soft Drink Container Caps
The following are guidelines and limits for acceptance of coupons:

    • Rouses only accepts coupons for merchandise we sell and only when presented at the time of purchase.

    • Coupons are accepted for the face value only.

    • Rouses does not accept other retailers' coupons.

    • Coupons must have an expiration date and be presented within the valid dates. Rouses will not accept expired coupons.

    • Internet coupons must be legible and say "Manufacturer Coupon". There must be a valid remit address for the Manufacturer and legal description of the offer.

    • All internet coupons must have a scannable bar code.

    • Only one coupon per item is permitted.

    • Rouses does not accept discount coupons for a percent off the total order.

    • Customers must purchase the quantity stated on the coupon.

    • Some coupon transactions may require a manager's approval.

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