Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm in awe!

So in my daily blog hopping I came across a new site called The Coupon Goddess.  Let me just start by saying I was sitting in front of my computer yesterday with my jaw hanging open like the village idiot! I could not believe what Melanie was bringing home! I only wish for stores that doubled and tripled coupons without making it a hassle!

Melanie writes The Coupon Goddess blog from Boston. She has access to several great stores to shop at. Although, most of her deals will not apply to us here in the South, it sure is fun to read and wish! I mean when your child's teacher asks you to send in 2 rolls of paper towels to donate to the class and you end up sending in 100's instead because you got them all free... I think that is a blog I would like to read! Go check her out!

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