Sunday, February 7, 2010

Walgreens Deals! Huggies Diapers for FREE!

Ok there is a HUGE list of all the great deals at Walgreens over at SouthernSavers but here is the best deal I've found! Spend a little, save a lot and get lots of stuff!

The deal with Walgreen's is that you MUST have an item for each coupon or RR that you use. That is what the filler items are used for!

Do it in this order and repeat as many times as you can!

#1 Buy 1 Super Poligrip (give to grandma or contact me!) $2
-$1 coupon print here (if it doesn't work try deleting the address line back to where it says "promo" then hit enter)
Amount due: $0.50
Get: $2 RR

#2 Buy 1 Dove Men’s Wash $5.99
and 1 Digital print $0.14 (or other filler)
-$1.25 off Dove Men’s RP 1/31
-$2 RR (from the Poligrip!)
Amount Due: $2.88
Get Back: $6 RR

#3 Buy 1 Huggies Diapers $8.99
and 1 Digital Photo print $0.14 (or other filler)
-$2 off Huggies printable
-$6 RR (from Dove Men's body wash)
Amount Due: $2.13
Get Back: $3 RR (save for later!)

You pay $.99 right now for the diapers but if you add in the $3 RR that is a $2 profit! Now save that $3 RR and use it at Publix!

Thanks to SouthernSavers for the transaction ideas!

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  1. found you via MBC! I love walgreens but Walmart is my fav!!