Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wild and Crazy!?!?! Well at least for me!

So I turned 33 this week! Happy Birthday to me! I also was given the news that we'll be moving forward with my having a hystorectomy the first week of November. Happy Birthday to me? So I decided to get a little wild and crazy...with my hair! It's called ombre'. It's where your hair fades from one color to another. In my case it's dark, dark brown down to a dark honey blonde. Yeah that's about as wild and crazy as it gets around here.  So here's the before(left) and after(right). What do ya'll think? They do say blondes have more fun right?! So that means I'll have a little more fun right!?

*My hair was done by Krystle @ Mia Bella Salon in D'Iberville, MS. 

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