Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Joys of Motherhood

Motherhood is full of fun! The books forget to tell you about this "fun". Maybe forget isn't the correct word, because if we were warned we might never have children. Art Linkletter hit the nail on the head when he started the "kids say the darndest things". Below are some tales of the fun I've had with Molly and my best friend Dawn's daughter Caydence.

*Day Trips to Walmart

One afternoon while going on a potty break at Walmart, a person walks in that looks a LOT like a man and Molly (4 years old ) in her loudest voice possible let's every know that "Momma, that BOY is in the WRONG bathroom!!!" We (along with the other women in the restroom) barely escape the bathroom before rolling on the floor about to pee in our pants from laughing so hard!

On another trip...taking a snack break to get some of that "GREAT" popcorn chicken from the Walmart deli, Caydence(age 3) spots a woman coming in her direction and very loudly explains to everyone, while pointing at this woman, "THERE'S A WITCH!!!!" As we turn to investigate this "witch" we find ourselves looking at a Muslim woman wearing the full black Muslim garb. We begin to explain , as quickly and quietly as possible, that this woman was not a witch, but wearing a nice black outfit. But Caydence wants nothing to do with this explanation and proceeds to ask with fingers pointing again, "Why is that WITCH in MY walmart!?" We left...leaving the "witch" to shop in peace and nothing but our dignity harmed.

On yet another trip to Walmart. Molly (then age 2), had just finished learning about what to do if someone tries to hurt her. (ex: hollaring for help). As we walk down the aisles, the buggy comes to close to the shelves and Molly proceeds to fill the cart with things NOT on the list. After explaining several times to Molly not to put anything else in the buggy, she tests her limits and does it AGAIN! I quickly reached over and swatted her hand. She proceeded to yell for help! "HELP!!! MOMMY IS HURTING MOLLY!! HELP HELP!!!!" Obviously, she understood the lesson about calling for help if someone hurts her. On to technique number 2...look for a policeman. Wait, scratch that...I would be in jail...

Molly is 6 years old now. The "fun" hasn't stopped and I doubt that it will anytime soon. Apparently God thought it would be "fun" to add another child to the mix. Yes, I sit here typing this a little more than 7 months pregnant. It's another girl! We're excited! Poor Eric will be outnumbered. Even the dog has been "fixed". I'm trying to think of something very masculine to get him for Father's Day, because another tie just isn't going to cut it this year!

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