Monday, June 8, 2009

First Time Out of the Gate

Well here it goes! My first time blogging. I like the concept, being able to check up on friends that live miles away. Watching how their families grow and change and keeping them updated on mine. Almost feels like a small camera hidden in their homes or mine that gives just a quick glimpse of life. What would you see if you looked in my house right now? Me, with wet hair, a somewhat messy house(because I cleaned out my car!), my lazy dog laying next to the air vent to cool off and dishes from breakfast still in the sink and a bedroom that needs to be prepared for a new arrival. What would I like you to see? The love that lives inside. That my daughter Molly is my world and if being with her would mean having a messy house forever I would do it. That Eric comes in a close second! And that the past 7 years of marriage have been wonderful. He's a wonderful husband, father and friend. Then you would see Copper. Our slow minded but loving mutt. Who may sound vicious to a stranger but would rather lick you to death than bite you.

Life is hectic, crazy and messy but full of fun.

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