Thursday, December 29, 2011


Thankful. The dictionary defines "thankful" as expressing gratitude for a benefit that's been received. I'm thankful that I wake up each morning, but many times I forget to say thanks to God for allowing it. I simply get up and go about my daily business, breakfast, changing diapers, keeping the littlest one from overthrowing the ruling party (her parents), homeschooling, lunch, cleaning, changing more diapers, keeping the oldest one from being killed my the youngest one, more diapers, dinner and I'm done. By the end of the day I'm not very thankful for anything other than my husband walking in the door so I can tag out long enough to go to the bathroom without an audience.

Even though these days are crazy, I'm thankful for them. Without my wildly peculiar and zany children my days would be boring. I'm thankful, not as much as I should be, that God blessed Eric and I with these two girls when modern medicine said "no".  I see friends struggling with infertility, miscarriages and failed adoptions; strangers in the news who have lost children to tragic events  and it snaps me back to reality in how truly blessed I am. I love my kids and can't imagine life without them!

I know how much I love my children and would do anything in my power to keep them from harm. Can you imagine what God felt like when he sent his only son as a baby to eventually die on the cross so that WE could be forgiven for our sins? I'm more thankful for this one act than anything else in my life! Without this one act, I'm nothing! I'm a sinner separated from God. A merciful God who loves me and only wants good for me. There WILL be bumps along this road of life. Hardships and failures of unspeakable measure. I hope that I can face these events and my daily crazy days when I think that I'm going to snap if the 2 year old climbs on top of her sister one more time with the knowledge and thankfulness that even on my worst day I'm loved and I'm forgiven!

When was the last time you were thankful for something? I'd love for you to share.


  1. I am thankful for being alive. Two weeks ago,I literally almost choked to death. It was a terrifying experience. It opened my eyes to make some changes for 2012. Satan loves to keep us too busy to fellowship with God.

  2. Amen! I think that God has quite the sense of humor....when I'm grumbling about how difficult it is to be with the kids ALL. DAY. LONG, I end up having a dream that same night about working at my former job. Makes me wake up giving thanks! =)
    And YES to tagging out when hubby walks in the door. Yeesh!