Friday, April 23, 2010

Moneymaker and cheap diapers at Walgreens!

A deal not to miss! Get paid to buy vitamins at Walgreen's this week and get cheap diapers too! I went last night and got mine!

FIRST go here to find out how to get the $5 Nature's Bounty coupons. Will only print for one person per household unless you have multiple computers. Make sure you hit the back button 4 times to print 4 times! Thanks Coupon "High"!

Here's what you need:

4- Nature's Bounty vitamin coupons here
4-Huggies/Pull up coupons
  (if you do pull ups also get the walgreens $2 coupon from their April coupon book available in the store)

Here's how it works:

Buy all the vitamins separate (if purchased together you will only get one RR)

Transactions 1-4
Nature's Bounty Vitamin D-1000 iu sale $5
-get $5 RR
-use $5 coupon
=$5 money maker! Pay tax only! $0.35 here locally!

You can stop here and take your $20 RR's to Publix and use like cash or you can buy diapers for really cheap!

Transaction 5 (for diapers)

1- Huggies diapers $8.99
-$3 Huggies printable (no longer available)
-$5 RR
1-small cheap filler item (look for leftover Easter candy I got 2- PEEPS for $0.14 each)

or get Pull Ups

1-Pull ups $8.99
-$2 Pull up coupon
-$2 Walgreens coupon in April coupon book at front my sale ads
-$5 RR
1- small cheap filler item

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